James Jean Art Prints Available

James Jean’s debut show at Jonathan Levine Gallery is creating more hype, excitement, and chatter around the art world than almost any other exhibit in recent memory.  The work is absolutely stunning, and while the originals are out of most of our price ranges, the gallery just made it much more affordable to own some of his artwork.  They have just announced the release of two brand new giclee prints, both based on pieces in the current “Kindling” show.  All the details are below.  To order, either shoot Jonathan Levine Gallery an email or call them at (212) 243-3822.

“Toy Maker”

22″ x 42.5″ Giclee, Edition of 50, $600:

Detail Shots of “Toy Maker”:


21″ x 29.5″ Giclee, Edition of 50, $400:

Detail Shots of “Ballad”:

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  1. Love his work. I just wish he was still doing Fables covers.

  2. Amazing work!

  3. This latest batch of work is really pretty awesome. There are few artists working at the moment that are as appealing to me as James Jean. Subject matter, execution… everything, perfect.
    Awesome work.

  4. *sigh* i need to stop coming to this site. There’s just too much amazing artwork out there that I simply can’t afford. These pieces are gorgeous.

  5. really wish i could afford either one of those at the moment. so much to look at in both of those pieces. incredible stuff.

  6. Very original, good stuff. A breath of fresh air.

  7. oh, man. i want Ballad so badly. hope they have some left. JJ is about the only artist that i’ll drop this kind of cash on. it’ll definitely appreciate so you can almost do it without worrying about it.

  8. whoah, very nice

  9. i bet these sell out with a quickness. gorgeous !

  10. Wow. That’s above my pay grade. These are fantastic though. Why so much for Giclees? Do they go up in cost as the colors and detail increases like the screenprints? Or is there no correlation? Just wondering why some giclees are so much more than others…after all it’s a fancy word for expensive digital print, right? Are these just from more expensive printers? I’m sure the artist’s name raises the price, too, but just wondering…


  11. these are expensive because of James Jean’s recognition. His show sold out with pieces as high as 48K and as low as 3K for the sketches.

    I wish I can afford any of these, I will regret not buying one later.

  12. Prices are a bit high but I ended up getting Ballad. I placed my order over the phone. Was told they had sold about 20 of the 50 so far. Also told me they would be lagging on sending it out as they are backlogged. Wasn’t told how much shipping would be either, they said it could ship in a tube so it shouldn’t be much but would let me know before it shipped what the cost would be.

    Also, these are Giclee prints on paper not canvas. Also the multiple images come on one paper with the visible border between the panels.

  13. Someone correct me if I’m wrong as I’ve only done a little research into giclee printing, but I’d estimate that producing a run of 50 of this size would cost somewhere around $50 per copy if you were to order a run through a third party. Now, I’d imagine that the JL Gallery has either an arrangement with a printer or a room in the basement where they keep their sweet printing setup, so they don’t have to pay the “setup” cost– that’s what I’d do anyhow…

    Most of James Jean’s work thus far has been printed with Epson Ultrachrome inks which utilize 8 colors and 3 different levels of black. You can read more about them here (hope html linking works!)

    The printers that use these inks are pricey indeed. Also, if the scan is made with a large format scanner, they are also very expensive. (Even though all of this stuff is sunk cost, we, the consumer, get to pay for it over and over again– not complaining, just the way it is).

    I guess the answer to your question though is, yes, it’s just an expensive ink jet print, but if you see what they look like in person, you’ll notice that they a) look nothing like what your HP printer on the desk produces and b) puts offset printing to shame.

    hope that helps (if i got it all right).

  14. Thanks Colin and Shapps — I have nice giclees, but none are as large or expensive and the name recognition also makes sense. I would Toy Maker if I had the dough (and space). So these must look amazing.


  15. Yeah, I mean, it’s probably actually more about not undervaluing the artist’s work than anything. Selling a beautiful print that is a reproduction of a $40,000 painting for $50 would kind of be an insult to the artist that was able to sell the original no problem. I doubt the cost of making the print has much to do with the equation in this case.

    One thing that is for sure though is that these cost MUCH more to produce than the upcoming Ryden print.

  16. agreed. i got caught up in the technical details and forgot to mention that James Jean is just the bee’s knees and that’s all there is to it.

    But you’re right. Edition size and artist rep are why they’re so expensive. Bottom line: Collectible.

  17. Shapps, when i ordered, I mentioned that I wanted it shipped flat. Kendal, at LeVine, told me that she recently shipped a similar sized piece flat and it was about $20. On a $400 print, flat is the only way to go. Take no chances. Call her back and ask her to make note of it for your order.


  18. man $20 seems AWFULLY low for something that size (packed properly) to be shipped flat and insured. I would be so worried about getting something that expensive rolled but on the other hand flat packages have a MUCH higher chance of damage in my experience (unless they’re boxed which I can’t imagine you could do for $20 on something that size).

  19. weird. i’ve never had a flat pack damaged. i’ve had a considerable number of posters tube-damaged though. If it comes bent up, then I’ll be getting a LE bent up James Jean print for free courtesy of UPS.

  20. Also, it may cost more than that. She could only give me an estimate. I was guessing closer to $50 before i asked.

  21. … had to comeback to this post to take another look at the prints. These are stunning!!!!

  22. Have you been to the gallery site – You can get sketch original for the same price – there are like 2-3 left
    Not as colorful or in any means as large but an original for $600

  23. FYI:
    Flat-pack update from the JLG: “our art handler builds a special flat-pack box that is about 2 inches deep, which makes it literally impossible for it to bend.”

  24. i’ve ordered several things from jonathanlevinegallery.com, and they have always been packed well. Great people to deal with!

  25. Haven’t posted here in a long while, but just thought I’d comment on the awesomeness of what I’m seeing. Thanks, Mitch for keeping us grunts in the loop. FR

  26. Firstly, these are beautiful pieces. I really wish those white lines werent on the piece. I guess this was a triptych as an original. Does anybody know why they are on there?

    I thought there was 4 prints being sold. Has this changed? The other 2 prints were Vanity and Hare. Maybe Vanity is not numbered, only signed and are old copies. Does anybody know?

  27. I had to order “Ballad” because it is simply amazing. One of the most stunning images to come around in years.
    As for bigandround’s questions – The white lines are in both prints because the original paintings are multi-panel paintings, so small white lines are in the place of where there are separate panels in the originals. The gallery also let me know that James did supply the gallery with some prints for “Vanity” but that they are open editions and not numbered. They do not know how many prints James made or will make of “Vanity” as it is an open edition. The image size for the “Vanity” print is 17 x 22 and it is selling from the gallery for $85. I didn’t ask about “Hare” as the “Vanity” print only came up in conversion because I said it was a stunning image and the person at Jonathan Levine who took my order let me know that it was also a print available and all the details. They are really nice there so if you have any questions, call them.

  28. Thanks dodrop!

  29. huh. i’m trying to leave a comment, but it’s not working for some reason…

    anyhow, Hare, Vanity, and Maze are available at processrecess.com

  30. LOL. Someone on expressobeans wants to sell his BALLAD print for $15,000. What a moron.

  31. I picked up a toymaker….I have a massive kaiju collection and a painting of a mystical toy maker is the perfect thing to compliment my collection. I look so forward to having this on my wall. :)

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