The Faded Line Clothing Co. Presents Silkscreen Puzzles and Art Prints by Emek and Jeff Wood (Onsale Info)

Ever since we first gave you a sneak peek of these puzzles from The Faded Line Clothing Co., anticipation has been running pretty high.  Well, we finally have some solid info to report.  The puzzles are now completed and ready to go up for sale.  Each one is a 15″ x 22″ screenprinted puzzle with 513 pieces, very challenging!  They all have editions of 160-175, and you won’t know what number you have until it’s completed.  Three will be available:  Emek’s “Peacock”, Emek’s “MARSians”, and Jeff Wood’s “Om Mantra”.  They will only be $35 each and will go on sale at a random time tomorrow (Thursday, January 15th) at

Additionally, The Faded Line will release art prints on wood of each design.  They are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints on 1/4″ birch and maple sheets of wood.  They have editions of 50 each and will cost $150.  To be eligible, you MUST purchase the corresponding puzzle design tomorrow.  During checkout, be sure to pick the “Yes, you can charge my card $175 if I win” option, and you’ll be automatically entered in a raffle.  Given the edition sizes, you’ll have about a one in three chance (or better) of winning.  If this isn’t completely clear, check out all the info at The Faded Line Blog.

27 Responses to “The Faded Line Clothing Co. Presents Silkscreen Puzzles and Art Prints by Emek and Jeff Wood (Onsale Info)”

  1. Nice to see you heeded everyone’s request to not post this.

  2. wow.
    These look great I also heard that there will be a limited toilet paper holder with Shep’s Guns and Roses icon print on it, can’t wait.

  3. LOL!

  4. Otto, what are you talking about?

  5. Quit. Bitching.

  6. Are the woodies signed?

  7. Of course.

  8. Whose bitching.

  9. archer’s bitching

  10. I don’t see any signatures on them?

  11. Screenprinted puzzles? Strange…

  12. as much as anyone would like to have the best shot possible when these go on sale, it is very silly to think that our friend mitch should simply do as some ask and not post the info. he already posted some info earlier about this and it would be selfish to expect him not to follow up with an update. seriously.

  13. I wasn’t gonna buy one, but now I will just on the slim chance that I score the wood print Otto wanted.

  14. i want the evil penguin one. yeah

  15. since advertises on this site 24/7 (upper right hand side of this page), there was absolutely no chance that Mitch wouldnt blog about tomorrow release. OMG and TheFadedLine do business together and I wouldnt expect anything less than sale info for TFL to be posted here. Yes, it would have been nice to possibly have a better shot at getting one by Mitch not posting it here, but these 2 entities are businesses, and thats how business operate, advertising.

    I’d like to know why there are 10 AP’s for the wood prints. Thats 20% of the run. AP’s have taken on a new purpose and it disgusts me. APs are meant to allow the artist to make small mods to reach the final run specs. Now they’re made to make more $$$$. I give this low brow art fad another 2-3 years, and it will be a part of history without a future.

  16. certainly is alot of drama in a post about a PUZZLE.

  17. bigandround, i agree with your take on AP’s, was wondering if you were referring to AP’s when you mentioned :
    I give this low brow art fad another 2-3 years, and it will be a part of history without a future.

    Is that specifically about AP’s or this art in general?
    Simply curious
    thanks much

  18. Actually, with deals like this, the high number of A/P’s isn’t really about money usually. The Faded Line probably paid for and published these prints, so Emek probably wanted 10 copies for his personal archives, so they labeled those A/P’s. I doubt you’ll see them for sale anytime soon, it’s just a way of separating the artist’s copies from the main edition. In the end, they are Emek art prints on wood, does it really matter if there are 50 or 60 out there?

  19. on sale now

  20. Anyone score an Emek?

  21. Got one (MARSians)!

  22. I got Emek’s peacock. I didn’t try for the other Emek as I don’t much like it.

  23. I got both Emek puzzles. Fingers crossed for at least one wood.

  24. Missed the MARSians. If anybody has extras, please lemme know.

  25. No love for Jeff Wood? I think his print looks the best on the wood(of the three) and the puzzle will definitely be the most challenging. I was hoping to grab all three puzzles, but both Emek’s were already sold out- fortunately I got the one I wanted the most!

  26. Love for Jeff Wood! I got the OM Mantra puzzle. Love his stuff….his Jane’s Addiction/Live poster is still one of my favorites….

  27. I got both. I only pray to Allah and Tom Cruise that I get woods. The woods that ottoisblotto was so intent on. And I have omg to thank for it!!! I love you Mitch. BFF.


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