“Alexander and the Friendly Cube” Art Print by Alex Pardee

Big thanks to Josh Creep’s “Lowbrow Art Sale” column at SF Weekly for the tip!  Alex Pardee is already at work producing prints of work from his new show, Letters from Digested Children.  This new one, “Alexander and the Friendly Cube” is a 16″ x 20″ giclee, has an edition of 50, and is $80.  The copies they had at the show sold out, so I wouldn’t wait around too long on these.  Visit Zerofriends.com.

3 Responses to ““Alexander and the Friendly Cube” Art Print by Alex Pardee”

  1. Thanks.

    The prints look top-notch in person, well worth the price. They had 25 or so when I went to the gallery, and by the time I made it home they were all gone. So those at ZeroFriends are it.

  2. its dope, but 80 buck………..also i found one on the UP website just now

  3. I love his work and was glad to get one of these. I didnt realize they were up on the gallery until I saw they were all sold out so Im real happy to have this piece.

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