Jay Ryan 2009 Subscription Information

If you are a big Jay Ryan fan, you’ll probably want to try for a 2009 subscription spot.  For $700, you get every print Jay produces at The Bird Machine during the calendar year.  The subs ship bi-annually, and you will end up with matching numbers.  To inquire, shoot the shop an email.  Please note that this offer is only open to US or Canadian addresses.  For more info, visit TheBirdMachine.com.

Here is some of the awesome work Jay has already produced for 2009:

5 Responses to “Jay Ryan 2009 Subscription Information”

  1. Damn, I’d be all over that if I lived in the U.S. The Andrew Bird poster is amazing. Jay has found another rich seam of form as of late.

  2. fuck, i don’t live in the us…….

  3. this is really great money to spend if you have it. I had to give mine up last year because I didn’t have the scratch.

    Jay makes it great for the subs.

  4. That A Bird print freaking rules.

  5. Best…Sub…Ever

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