Barack Obama Inauguration Poster by Shepard Fairey (Now Cheaper)

I’m not going to pretend to know if this is the same version that was for sale before, but you can now snag Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama Inauguration poster for a MUCH lower price than before.  For a mere $20 donation (or $35 for two), you can buy yourself a 24″ x 36″ limited edition piece of history.  Pick one up at the Obama Donation Site.

20 Responses to “Barack Obama Inauguration Poster by Shepard Fairey (Now Cheaper)”

  1. Cash cow seems to never run out of milk.

  2. Even though it’s cheaper it’s still ugly

  3. LOL

  4. $35 for 2 – that’s change i can believe in

  5. Four more years…

    …of recycled Fairey-Obama imagery.

  6. cheap! tho sucky!

  7. It says it limited edition – apart from that it does not say how limited is limited.

    I cant do it.

  8. thank you, please try again!

  9. These posters are gonna be worth nothing in the not to distant future. I hope anyone who wanted to make some money on them has already done so.

    It seems like this market along with the stock market are going to crash and burn.

  10. i donated 35 bucks. they’d be great to put up in a classroom…

  11. I wonder if Fairey is still wondering why he didnt get picked for the VP job?

  12. I just donated $20 but it’s weird that there seems to be no connection to that poster page directly from the inaugural web page. If you click on the donate button you go to a page that’s different from the link above. And the official store only has the $100/$500 versions listed. Whatever, even if I don’t get the poster I have no problem sending $20 to Obama.

  13. Loved the poster that I ordered it twice. Regardless of how one feels about the Shepard Fairey artwork, I love it. I have all of his political posters concerning the campaign. To me these are like time capsules in history never again to be repeated.Even if he runs and wins a second time, the collecting of materials will not be the same. It would have to be something totally unique and different.
    I have been working with my group of kids at an after-school program and keeping them abreast of Obama’s campaigne and the importance of this election. On Tuesday we will be having our own inaugural party in which I will share with them some of the materials I have collected during his journey to the White House. I want these children to understand and appreciate the importance of this political achievement that Obama made and that it took many people from every walk of life to help him achieve such a goal.
    Like I said, love the artwork of Shepard Fairey

  14. Has anyone actually received this poster after getting it from the donation site? I went ahead and donated, but today I received an email from the campaign concerning the posters on Fairey’s site (the $500/$100 versions).
    Was this link for real? psychlops got me wondering and I couldn’t find another way to the link anywhere.

  15. Peter, don’t let people get you worried about it. The site was a link on this site:

    Which is the official Presidential Inaugural Committee, totally different site from Obama’s, but totally legit. Go look around.

  16. We made a donation and ordered a total of four posters from this website over a month ago — but we still have not received the posters. I am beginning to wonder whether the OMG website is legit. . . did anyone else receive posters, and if so, how long did it take to receive them?

  17. I got mine a long time ago. It was legit.

  18. “admin”: how long did it take from the time you made your donation to receive your poster?

  19. I’m not sure, I made the donation when the post went up, got them a month or so ago.

  20. We ordered and were charged on 02/01/09. Six weeks later, we still don’t have any posters. We are about to dispute the charges with the credit card company, as this website seems to be fraudulent. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING ORDERING FROM THIS WEBSITE, YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE AND CONSIDER SHOPPING ELSEWHERE.

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