New Josh Keyes Art Print: “The Call I”

For Josh Keyes’ newest art print, “The Call I”, David B. Smith Gallery have decided to make it a little bit easier for everyone to get lucky, as they will release the 20″ x 26.5″ giclee with an increased edition size of 750.  The price will be $175, which is an amazing deal for a giclee that size.  More details will be released soon.  I will keep you updated, but also sure you are on the mailing lists at and

Click the image for a much larger view:

11 Responses to “New Josh Keyes Art Print: “The Call I””

  1. awesome. i was just looking at these yesterday.

  2. That’s a print run and a half – I love it and will pick one up.
    750 phew – enough for all of us.

    I wonder if this is a one off print run size ?

  3. Best news of the year.

  4. I think $175 is too much for a such a large run. Although, good for LAD and Josh Keyes if they sell these out in a day.

  5. Been really wanting a piece of his for my walls. Glad hes got something coming out I should be able to pick up

  6. Love the artist, love the print!!!!

  7. I’m so glad they bumped up the edition size…

  8. I really dig this one. It has more feeling for me than some of the other popular Keyes pieces have had. I love the bear and the obama sticker on the top car. Really great. I may actually sell two other posters so that I can buy this.

  9. It would have been stupendous if he hand finished/sprayed the graffiti parts or got like Futura2000 to do it


  11. what on earth do you think he’s trying to say with this print ..?

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