Introducing Nakatomi Inc.

Some of the wonderful folks at Mondotees/Alamo Drafthouse have come together for a brand new art-related venture, Nakatomi Inc.  They have designed some super rad shirts, but the most exciting thing is their invitational poster/t-shirt project.  Here’s the way it works:  For $50, you get a limited edition t-shirt and matching screenprinted or letterpress art print.  The first artists on board are Daniel Danger, Todd Slater, and Kevin Munoz, but Rob Jones, Tyler Stout, Jermaine Rogers, Paul Pope, and a ton of others have designs on the way.  The packages are available for one month, or until 250 pieces are sold, whichever comes first.  Here is a brief mission statement from the company:

“Like a gargantuan reptilian beast looming over Tokyo, NAKATOMI INC towers on the threshold of a Brave New Era in nerd fashion. It is our solemn oath to meticulously select only the most white-hot shards of ’80s, ’90s and future culture in assembling our high-quality assault against drab modern apparel. A composite Voltron of boundless geek obsession, we represent multiple lifetimes of pop-culture mania and lowbrow art taken over the max and directly into the hands of nerds, goofs and the common man. All our products are created with the best and most durable components while our friendly and responsible staff are available at all times to answer any questions, but make no mistake…NAKATOMI is a rabid, Saturday Morning sugar cereal-fueled permanent weapon in the war against adulthood. RAGING ! ! ! ! ! !”

This should be an exciting new venture for sure, there needs to be more companies getting creative and putting out awesome art products like this.  To check out the first three designs by Daniel Danger, Todd Slater, and Kevin Munoz, and to keep up on what they are doing, visit

Daniel Danger T-Shirt and 12″ x 16″ Letterpress Print:

Todd Slater T-Shirt and 18″ x 24″ Screenprint:

Kevin Munoz T-Shirt and 18″ x 24″ Screenprint:

13 Responses to “Introducing Nakatomi Inc.”

  1. i like the prints (especially the daniel danger piece) but the shirt colors not so much…

  2. Well, the nice thing is that the print alone should probably check in around $50 for a letter press, so consider it a freebie shirt!

  3. Of everything on their site the VHS Never Forget shirt was quite my favorite. I just bought one for my boyfriend for his bday. He is a serious VHS – still records shows on tape. Soon we will meet the DVR revolution, but not without this shirt, ha.

  4. yeah those are some truly hideous shirt colors. I’d consider the DD one if not for that. I love that slater image but don’t really feel I need a print or shirt of it.

  5. i dig their stuff and their name makes me think of john mclane doing battle with hans gruber

  6. I hear ya oryx: “Yippie kye ya drymounter!”

    Gonna be some real good stuff coming from this…love the stout but also don’t know what I’d do with the print.

  7. mines a red shirt.

  8. I like the Danger combo. Can’t wait to see what Paul Pope has cooked up.

  9. I don’t know what you people are talking about!

    The Daniel Danger shirt looks great. I’d have paid fifty for the print alone, so getting a t-shirt to boot is awesome.

    Really excited about this Nakatomi stuff! Great work, DD!

  10. holy bonk! stunner shades! woo hoo!

  11. ps there’s a DRAGON ON THE BLADE. that’s right you heard me, there’s a DRAGON. ON THE BLADE.

  12. These are up early I think. Go get em!

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