Florian Bertmer’s “Hagakure” Art Print Preview (..and Other News)

Oh wow, I am pretty much blown away by this new art print Florian Bertmer currently has in production.  “Hagakure”, which translates to “hidden among the leaves”, is going to be a 23″ x 35″ screenprint with metallic inks.  It should be ready to go in a couple of weeks, and it will be a Shirts&Destroy exclusive.  I will keep you posted, until then, salivate over these images.

Click the image below for a much larger view:

Additionally, Shirts&Destroy just launched a preorder record release package for the band “16”.  The package includes a t-shirt and a 19″ x 25″ screenprinted poster, both by Florian.  The set will be limited to no more than 100 pieces.  The preorder ends on February 16, or when they receive 100 orders, whichever comes first.  At only $39, this is a steal.  Head over to ShirtsandDestroy.com.

8 Responses to “Florian Bertmer’s “Hagakure” Art Print Preview (..and Other News)”

  1. Is this a sort of homage to the Horkey piece that came out last year? It seems like a similar, yet unique spin on the same POV of leaves and a ground….love the cigarette butt!

  2. certainly appears that way doesn’t it.
    nice work regardless

  3. yeah it kinda does have similarities but overall it conveys something entirely different. it’s a buried skeleton-of course there’s leaves;)am i seeing things or does it say “hagakure” in the bone at the bottom center?if so,nice detail

  4. Definitely a different piece entirely. Florian has been reading the Samurai book of the same name, and the phrase “hidden among the leaves” could only be interpreted this way by him. He is all skulls, man.

  5. Totally makes sense. This is a great piece.

  6. Yea, this certainly has a Horkey feel to it. I think its a whole lot better in my eyes. Not all the crazyness running around in this print as Horkeys but I think thats what makes it.

    There is none of his blood, didnt shed a tear on it, and shoot a load all over it, and all the other crazy things that Horkey did on his print.

  7. i love that bridges to burn print, that’s exactly the kinda stuff i like about bertmer. the hagakure doesn’t give me anything.

  8. yeah,the 16 one is definately crazier and demonic,the hagakure print seems really calm compared to it.nice change though.

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