The So-Cal Fire Poster Project

To help raise funds for those affected by the recent Southern California wildfires, a number of artists have donated over 50 different posters and art prints for sale.  The prints range in size, edition, and printing medium, but they are almost all priced at only $35 each.  All proceeds will go to The Salvation Army for their 2007 California Wildfire Fund.  This is a great cause, and you were probably going to buy a print today anyway, so make it one of these.  Visit

7 Responses to “The So-Cal Fire Poster Project”

  1. good set
    this is a great cause.

  2. I wish I could have gotten a hold of the Monkeypad print by Shep Fairey. $450 is a steal for that, as they go for $1000 on ebay and elsewhere and hard to find.

  3. Word. That Monkeypod would’ve been nice. Oh well…

  4. OR, you could spend 10x less $ and actually help someone besides yourselves.

  5. Hey Hank,

    With all do respect, shut it!!! I did buy a print.

  6. I’m eying that Frank Chimero print pretty hard.

  7. i wanted the State of Consequence —-Criswell Lappin / Make-Out ,but sold out now . really liked that one .

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