Barack Obama Inauguration Poster by Shepard Fairey

This whole poster campaign is pretty much getting beat into the ground, but it is still significant enough to talk about.  The official Barack Obama inaugural store just released this new poster by Shepard Fairey.  It’s a 24″ x 36″ offset lithograph with a total edition of 10,000.  Numbers 1-1,000 are signed/numbered and cost $500 each.  Numbers 1,001-9,999 are not signed/numbered and cost $100 each.  Pretty pricey poster, folks.  Visit

28 Responses to “Barack Obama Inauguration Poster by Shepard Fairey”

  1. I was hoping for something more original. Kind of lame.

  2. Sold Out… all 10,000 are gone, gone, gone…

  3. I cant stomach it anymore – Now not saying it wont sell nor slagging off any art, its just ebay chocker and swamped with flips and flips of the same stuff.
    So this one I will just sit back and regret not getting involved and in 3 generations tell them a time when stupid grandpa didn’t buy that poster.

  4. Joe – Your not kidding, I thought you were and just checked.

    Wow. Ebays servers will be as slow as Obeys (not quiet) with the weight of these.

  5. WOW. Almost 1.5 million dollars worth of prints gone like that.

  6. I would buy it if it were a sticker and cost $1.00. It’s a nice image and cool poster but wayyyy overpriced. Apparently 10,000 people disagree with me though so there I have it.

  7. People, this is not sold out. Keep checking. Once somebody empties their cart or closes their browser with prints in their cart, more will become available. KEEP CHECKING!!! I thought the same thing, then landed one of each. I dont know why I bought them. Maybe so my grandkids dont yell at me like Moog says.

  8. I got 20 signed and 40 unsigned. Dude this is better than the stock market! Go Ebay!

    A $100 litho with a run of 10,000?
    Are we allowed to swear on this blog? This is horse____!

  10. These are avail as previously mentioned, if interested, keep trying to add to cart and it will eventually add.

  11. $500 no thank you. like many have mentioned before this has been beat down. how can they hold value with so many Obama prints floating around?

  12. Holy crap those are ugly

  13. I am soooooo sick of that image. I LOVE Obama, but this crap is crap.

  14. This might seem like a rip off, or a huge run, or overpriced… but this isn’t our little low brow scene.

  15. well, artistsforobama series with /5000 runs would come out to like 1 print for every 75,000 US people. And in this case, 1 signed print for every 350,000 people, 1 unsigned per every 35,000 (very approx numbers.) Unfortunately, only like 5000 people out there give a damn about Obama prints, or even know about them, let alone can afford em. So, alls well that ends well.
    PS, Im one of the maniacs buying these pieces of paper.

  16. Shepard Fairey has officially jumped the shark IMHO. His art no longer carries the same appeal as it did in 2000. It appears that these prints are just a commodity.

  17. he’s the master of variations but this is beyond tired now.

  18. Did I say LAME??? LAME….

  19. Really? I think Shep is getting lazy…and yet he is still making buku dollars of this stuff.

    Now I’m jealous.

  20. I just called the Inagural store and they told me more would be available tomorrow… 1/8/09. She didn’t sound very enthusiastic… but what does that matter really… taking calls all day is kinda boring. Maybe she just told me that to get me off the phone…? Worth checking though.

    Inagural Collectibles: 1-800-808-7594 press “1” for sales

  21. I called again to make sure… this time a young man – who sounded like was distracted – said I could order the unsigned version because they had another 8,500 comming in tomorrow. Wow… signed version gone, gone, gone, unsigned still available.

    I bet if I call again I might get more answers but I will stop there.

  22. 4 more years!!!!

  23. THIS IS NOT SOLD OUT – I just purchased a signed and numbered copy of the poster. The first three times it came up as sold out.

  24. i think these are great…

    actually, its the first official poster with the HOPE portrait on it… and its a varietal… i think that’s badass… the street image gone inside… nuts

  25. I just bought two signed and one unsigned within past hour. This poster may very well be worth more historically than the campaign posters because it is THE poster commemorating the inauguration of our nation’s first black president. The masses of people in the foreground is way cool. The more you look at this poster, the more you notice. It is a great poster.

  26. Nice
    Cheapo version just released
    $20 for 1
    $35 for 2

  27. here’s the site…says limited edition…the other was a poster too so it might be the same

  28. I bought my signed and numbered one on the 8th in the afternoon. They must have released a few each day for the real supporters.

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