Barack Obama Inauguration Poster by Shepard Fairey

This whole poster campaign is pretty much getting beat into the ground, but it is still significant enough to talk about.  The official Barack Obama inaugural store just released this new poster by Shepard Fairey.  It’s a 24″ x 36″ offset lithograph with a total edition of 10,000.  Numbers 1-1,000 are signed/numbered and cost $500 each.  Numbers 1,001-9,999 are not signed/numbered and cost $100 each.  Pretty pricey poster, folks.  Visit

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  1. I called again to make sure… this time a young man – who sounded like was distracted – said I could order the unsigned version because they had another 8,500 comming in tomorrow. Wow… signed version gone, gone, gone, unsigned still available.

    I bet if I call again I might get more answers but I will stop there.

  2. 4 more years!!!!

  3. THIS IS NOT SOLD OUT – I just purchased a signed and numbered copy of the poster. The first three times it came up as sold out.

  4. i think these are great…

    actually, its the first official poster with the HOPE portrait on it… and its a varietal… i think that’s badass… the street image gone inside… nuts

  5. I just bought two signed and one unsigned within past hour. This poster may very well be worth more historically than the campaign posters because it is THE poster commemorating the inauguration of our nation’s first black president. The masses of people in the foreground is way cool. The more you look at this poster, the more you notice. It is a great poster.

  6. Nice
    Cheapo version just released
    $20 for 1
    $35 for 2

  7. here’s the site…says limited edition…the other was a poster too so it might be the same

  8. I bought my signed and numbered one on the 8th in the afternoon. They must have released a few each day for the real supporters.

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