Jon Smith’s MASSIVE Ghostland Observatory New Year’s Eve Poster

Jon Smith just released his most ambitious print to date, a concert poster for Ghostland Observatory’s New Year’s Eve show in Seattle. It’s a huge 25″ x 36″ seven color screenprint (complete with glow in the dark ink and a metallic silver to gold fade). There are three versions: an edition of 48 on black paper for $40, an edition of 12 on silver paper for $60, and an edition of 27 on wood for $100. Jon sold a bunch of copies at the show, so if you are eyeing one, you should probably grab it now. Visit the SmithBellCraft Store or his Etsy Shop.

3 Responses to “Jon Smith’s MASSIVE Ghostland Observatory New Year’s Eve Poster”

  1. This piece is stunning. I will definitely be picking this one up. Doesn’t hurt that I am going to the show.

    Admin, sorry to hijack. Any news or info on Miss Bugs prints. I can’t find any with search feature.

  2. Awesome stuff Jon,

    But um, Kev, you are going to the show? I believe this show was 5 days ago…

  3. Meant how awesome the print is especialy when it is a show u r going to. No edit button as I realized my wording was wrong.
    The print is awesome and so WAS the show.

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