Burlesque Design 2009 Subscription Information

If you are a Burlesque Design fan with some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket, you should probably try for a 2009 subscription spot.  You’ll receive every poster and art print that the Burlesque family designs next year.  The price is $1200 (payment plans available), and to try for a spot, shoot Jodi an email before Friday 2pm CST.  Your name will be thrown in a hat, and you just may score yourself a sub.  Good luck!

3 Responses to “Burlesque Design 2009 Subscription Information”

  1. Burlesque are awesome!
    Really good people and I’d definately try for a spot if I had that kind of coin.

  2. My question is which of Aaron Horkey’s releases will be through Burlesque and which will be through Dead Arts Publishing? Is only the letter press series being released under DA? Still worth it either way but I’m curious.

  3. Everything I’ve heard has the letterpress setup as its own deal, gigposters and artprints ought to be business as usual for BoNA. But you can ask Wezz or Ben for a more informed answer.

    And they’re going to be doing a lot more screening for other big-name artists, so at the very least subholders probably get a price break on those.

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