New Print Mafia Art Prints

Print Mafia just released the next two pieces in their “Cinema Series”.  Both “Rocky” and “Bonnie” are 13″ x 20″ screenprints, have editions of 80, and are each $30 shipped.  Visit the Classfieds.

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  1. i dig the bonnie print – faye dunaway and her gun, classy and classic

  2. Don’t like to be negative, but why not just get photos of these stills? What makes these prints so much better? Where’s the creativity? I’m still curious as to why a photo, replicated exactly into a print, is such a hot commodity. I’d be curious to hear others’ opinions.


  4. yup seems kinda lame. yes. faye dunaway being totally hot back in the day is really the only answer they’ve got for us here.

  5. Visual Techniques pretty much does the same thing. Usually people say it’s the backround, the colors chosen, the patterns in the print that is the creativity. I feel the same way though as the three above, not really anything special IMO.

  6. Print Mafia’s style is all about old-school punk rock poster/flyer art. They use like ZERO computer, ever. They make all of their work with photocopy machines and screenprinting. Can’t say that about very many people anymore.

  7. yeah….billy, flip, bongo…ya’ll are smokin….

  8. you dumb mother fuckers wouldn’t know a good print if it sucked your junk off.

  9. why would i buy the photo when i could get a pretty cool limited screen print of it by some pretty talented artists who have been in the game for a long time……

  10. Okay, see, the techniques already sound awesome (photocpying, etc). But they could push it so much further and really get creative. The above print just doesn’t show it. I see the finished product, not how delineated the process was. Grab me with the product FIRST, and THEN I may become interested in the process.

  11. they’re not screen printed from a photo “ecactly”. When you’re a badass and you can handle a photo, get your photocopy on, seperate into 3 colors and pull those colors out of registration in just the right way with the right colors that make the image hum it’s an amazing thing because it is so simple in theory.

    A lot of people do and or try to do what print mafia does but it always sticks out like a sore thumb because it doesn’t have the right touch that actually puts soul into it.

    There are different mindsets y’know. If you prefer Steve Vai to Hendrix or you think Bob Dylan is terrible because “he can’t sing” you’re never going to get it.
    And that’s not even a slam it’s just the way it is, a lot of people are really linear. It’s okay.

  12. typo= exactly, “ecactly” is not a word, I’m tired….

  13. I’m not sure if I agree with the image “humming”. I think pushing the color and layout could do that. But I’m not sure that works in this case. Art is a derivative of opinion. I think saying people are “linear” is not the term to use. People have different expectations, opinions and visions. It’s all subjective in all creative fields. It’s “okay” not to get “it” either. That’s what makes art and discussing it so much fun.

  14. julita is linear

  15. I’m so linear, I’d rather buy the photos.

  16. I’m linear too.

  17. Only as linear as your vision, palehighway.

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