George Orwell X Shepard Fairey Print Set (Onsale Info)

Awhile back, Penguin Books released art print versions of Shepard Fairey’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” cover artwork, but they were only available to customers in the UK.  Now, everyone will have their chance.  Obey Giant will release the prints (which are each 17″ x 24″ offsets, have editions of 200, and will cost $140 for the pair) on Wednesday, December 31st between 12pm-3pm PST.  Visit

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  1. Not avaliable to the USA does not mean only avaliable to the UK… I bought the set from Spain and I’m aware many other people from other countries were able to do so.
    Btw… is this a new edition?

  2. The first Shepard I’ve wanted in a long time.

  3. Yeah, I like the 1984 print, but once you factor in shipping, duty and the conversion rate, it loses a lot of appeal

  4. what conversion rate? 140 is in dollars and cents.

    where are you buying it from, Mexico, Canada, maybe the lawless Guatemala?

  5. It’s about time. I’m actually really looking forward to these.

  6. $140 for a pair of offsets? Great images, I agree, but a little steep by OG standards.


  8. offsets :\

  9. Let me correct Beefloaf:

    “I will sit in front of my computer screen for 2 1/2 hours and valiantly attempt to hit refresh every second on 30 windows only to continually see SQL server errors because the obeygiant server is going to blow up like the godfather. In the end I will be left only with the sour taste of what could have been, and the number of times I reached the final paypal screen before the site took one final dump.”

  10. I got these the first time and they were ‘lost in the post.’
    As beefloaf might say; I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING THESE AGAIN

  11. Glad i sold mine bought from penguin before christmas,now theres another 200 around. Wasnt that impressed with them when i recieved them. They would have looked great screenprinted but as offsets didnt really live up to obeys usual impressiveness.

  12. I’ll try again and see if I can get these but it will probably be too overloaded again and I won’t get past “Add to cart”. If there is a secret out there for getting through I’d sure like to know it.

  13. eh these suck to begin with, even prior to the ROI equation and international shipping, exchange rates, tariffs, et al. i will be purchasing other stuff.

  14. I don’t understand why someone would want this shit on their wall.

    These are super ugly.

  15. I’ll pass…these are lame….

  16. Look great to me . . . I would also have preferred screenprints, though. No matter – it will be a clusterfrak trying to pick this pair up and until Shep gets his online sales act together, I will pay the mark-up on the secondary market. My time is worth more to me than the hassle of trying to buy direct from OG.

  17. Nobody should buy these, more for me to flip.

  18. 140.00 USD = 169.901 CAD

    United States Dollars Canada Dollars
    1 USD = 1.21358 CAD 1 CAD = 0.824009 USD

  19. This is from big brother is watching. I already had this print and got rid of it for $15.00. This print blows a load. I hope Frank gives it a rest for 2009 and let some other talented artists make some $$$$. He is one rich little boy.

    Where is Jason now?

    ha ha ha ha

  20. Chuck, take it down a notch, it’s getting old.

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