George Orwell X Shepard Fairey Print Set (Onsale Info)

Awhile back, Penguin Books released art print versions of Shepard Fairey’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” cover artwork, but they were only available to customers in the UK.  Now, everyone will have their chance.  Obey Giant will release the prints (which are each 17″ x 24″ offsets, have editions of 200, and will cost $140 for the pair) on Wednesday, December 31st between 12pm-3pm PST.  Visit

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  1. oh, I was wondering where chuck d was?

  2. Hey admin? What did I do now? ohhh ok now I get it. The key word right? I can be such a bad boy.

  3. Just tone down your shit-talking in general. We get it.

  4. zzzZZZ

  5. yeah but does he.

    Anyway… I bought these prints and am REALLY happy with them.
    Do you know if these come with the signed books as well?

  6. Are these a new version or the same.
    If they’re the same they totally devalue the themselves and the originals by being not 1/200 but 1/400.
    Can they even do that? It’s a bit frikkin’ greedy if you ask me.

  7. I’m not much of an Obey fan but these prints really are ugly as all hell, even as a huge fan of the books I couldn’t justify wasting the wall space, nevertheless spending $140.

  8. Hey guys, I Just wanted to say I hope everybody has a good time tonight and be safe out there. I know some of you guys hate me or take my rambling with a grain of salt. This site has introduced me to so many great artists and I have to say the kids running this site are doing one hell of a job so keep it up. So inconclusion I Promise no more negative or stupid posts for 2009 and so forth. I have met Frank and he is a very polite and to my astonishment he knows his 80’s punk history which was very impressive.Change is good.

  9. law7355:
    that’s exactly what i had in mind. but i understand that shep wants his work in each and every home at an affordable price. good on him!
    we’re still happy that we have them regardless.

  10. print is up i’ll pass

  11. Wow this print is impossible to add to cart, ive gotten at least 4 cart empties after multiple refreshes with no progress in sight.

  12. same here on the empty carts…. now the page is password locked. anybody have any luck with actually getting one?

  13. Does anyone know if Obey Giant is aware of the slowness of their store site?

  14. I’ve given up. I don’t think I’ll try any more purchases until Shep figures out his IT issues or a better way of selling them, like a lottery or something. Assuming the proper hardware, these should have sold out in minutes, but didn’t because you’re stuck with getting kicked off everywhere and retrying. I got all the way to the paypal login and THEN it puked!

  15. Yea this is starting to become very demoralizing… 3 hours of it being up and luck.

  16. They just sold out.

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