Tyler Stout’s Decemberists Poster Is Available Now

Tyler Stout just released his first concert poster in quite awhile, and it’s a great one.  It is for a recent Decemberists show in Portland, and is available in two versions.  They are both 16″ x 24″ screenprints.  The regular version is limited to 140 (though only 40 will be for sale through Tyler) and costs $30, while the metallic green variant is limited to only 20 pieces and costs $40.  Visit TStout.com.

5 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s Decemberists Poster Is Available Now”

  1. death to hipsters/scenesters 😉

  2. I love Tyler’s work, I have many prints. I believe him to be one of the superb illustrators in the poster game right now. Unfortunately I’m not really into the Decemberists so i wont be picking it up but for anybody that doesn’t know Tyler is one to look for!

    I love this blog.

  3. have no idea who the band is, but grabbed one for a spot in lounge room. stout is da man

  4. yeah Tyler’s stuff is def dope, he’s defiantly an artist worth repping, his stuff looks great in person

  5. Zomg a variant………

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