Tim Biskup & MFG’s “Disco Tree” Art Print

I just can’t stay away from the computer.  Tim Biskup and MFG recently teamed up on this “Disco Tree” art print.  You probably remember MFG as the guy that contributes to Obey quite often (ie Jane’s Addiction posters, Street Weapons print, Dance Right flyers, etc).  Anyway, this one is a 6.75″ x 9″ screenprint, has an edition of 80, is singed by both MFG and Biskup, and is only $35.  That is pretty much the most inexpensive Tim Biskup art print you will ever get.  Visit the Dance Right Shop.

Here is the original image that MFG reworked for the print:

It should also be noted that MFG has a whole line of really impressive little screenprints for sale.  They are all only $25 each.  Check out the Dance Right Shop.

Thanks to Arrested Motion for the tip.

4 Responses to “Tim Biskup & MFG’s “Disco Tree” Art Print”

  1. Nice one! Scored 1.

  2. I want one, but can’t find the purchase button? Anyone come back from Paypal yet?

  3. It is now sold out.

  4. […] (the Obey artist responsible for tons of great artwork, including that recent collab with Tim Biskup) has teamed up with Shepard Fairey to release this print commemorating the release […]

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