Exclusive Sneak Peek From The Faded Line Clothing Co.

Wow, this is VERY exciting news.  The Faded Line Clothing Co. have two insane new projects coming soon.  The first is a series of three silkscreened puzzles by Emek and Jeff Wood .  The puzzles are 15″ x 22″, signed/numbered in editions of 170, and have 513 pieces each.  Secondly, they will release three mind-blowing new art prints on 1/4″ thick wood.  The pieces (Jeff Wood’s “Om Mantra”, Emek’s “MARSians” and Emek’s “Peacock”) are each 18″ x 24″ screenprints with editions of 50.  The puzzles should be coming within the next week or two, with the art prints to follow shortly thereafter.  There will also be a big contest/giveaway, keep your eyes on The Faded Line Blog for news about these projects.

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  1. Sweet! I hope I can score one of the puzzles and wood pieces.

    I hope the pieces of wood are silkscreened. From these pics, it doesn’t look like they will be. It looks like a print will be drymounted to the wood. Maybe that isnt the finished product in the pics.

    I’m drooling over here looking at that stack of Emek MARSians.

  2. They are screenprinted on wood, sorry for not being clearer about that.

  3. beautiful!! thanks for confirming that. i wonder what that stack of MARStian prints are for. Maybe thats what the puzzles are going to be made out of.

  4. Pretty sure you’re right!

  5. Interesting ideas all around. Should be fun to see.

    Here’s hoping for less reprints in 2009 though.

  6. Looks good, thanks Brian 🙂

  7. word, these look cool. any thoughts on possible price for the woodies? im bettin super spensive but hopefully im mad wrong.

  8. Emek is the new Hampton.

  9. There is one major difference between Emek and the hamptons, I like seeing Emek’s stuff re-hashed.

    Plus, more of his stuff the better, as it’s near impossible to get the first time around. Hampton prints I can find anywhere. Get a clue Stoner

  10. I have always loved that emek image. I would be totally stoked to score one. I have a sinking feeling that they are going to be outside my current financial comfort zone; what with Christmas presents and Horkey letter press prints to buy…

  11. This would be more appealing if I didn’t own both of the prints already.

  12. Emek plus puzzle equals AWESOMENESS!

  13. Lookin’ 4ward to possibly getting some of that sweetness one way or another…(I can dream at least)
    Hope to pick these up though…

  14. Lookin’ 4ward to possibly getting some of that sweetness one way or another…(I can dream at least)
    Hope to pick these up though…

  15. […] since we first gave you a sneak peek of these puzzles from The Faded Line Clothing Co., anticipation has been running pretty high.  […]

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