“Respectfully Disagree” Art Print by Jermaine Rogers

Jermaine’s got a lot to get off his chest lately, and he is cranking it out with impressive timeliness.  This new art print, “Respectfully Disagree” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint.  Here is what Jermaine had to say about the imagery:

“Throughout history, men have always devised new and interesting ways to say, ‘No’. Oftentimes, though, it is the old and simple ways that most effectively grab the world’s attention and scream, ‘LISTEN TO ME!'”

This will drop Tuesday, December 23rd between 12pm-3pm Mountain Time.  Visit JermaineRogers.com.

30 Responses to ““Respectfully Disagree” Art Print by Jermaine Rogers”

  1. Heh heh heh!

  2. that’s some quick turnaround

  3. Bush deserves a size ten straight up his ass.

  4. The Coons be angry. Funny, only time I heard anger was after Katrina. That’s right, Bush planned that jus like 911.

    My question here is; Coons are interested in the environment, their savings and about poor Rabbits and Iraqis’ dying in some stupid war? That’s right, shoes should not be in their hands.

  5. Wow recycler WTF? how in 2008 can someone be so racist

  6. I can not believe it is that bigoted in OMGP

  7. 1st of all: Coons = Racoons

    2nd of all: How often do all black groups protest against Bush’s major decisions (environment, lack of regulations on wall street, & Iraq Terror Effort)? I live in Chicago; 8 years and I didn’t see 1, and the majority at these protests are white. Maybe this sounds racist but this is what is seen. Open your eyes.

  8. Them NeoCoons sure deserve more than a size ten straight up their collective asses, lol!

  9. Recycler is CLEARLY a racist that no longer wishes to remain closeted. Racist coward.


  10. Some idiot threw a shoe at some other idiot. Great.

  11. just because recycler tells it how HE sees it doesnt mean he is racist.

    everyone in this day and age should stop being so sensitive about what other people say. why should anyone else care what other people say if its not hurting anyone? grow a sack and deal with the words.

    as long as people arent string others up while they are saying “hurtful” words, then there shouldnt be a problem

  12. “1st of all: Coons = Racoons

    2nd of all: How often do all black groups protest against Bush’s major decisions (environment, lack of regulations on wall street, & Iraq Terror Effort)? I live in Chicago; 8 years and I didn’t see 1, and the majority at these protests are white. Maybe this sounds racist but this is what is seen. Open your eyes.”

    1. Poor choice of words don’t try to spin it
    2. that picture is from the civil rights movement why are you mentioning modern day events?

  13. Spin This JW

  14. Brian, first of all, correct your grammar. It makes you sound ignorant. As for your argument, look up the word propaganda in the dictionary. Words don’t exist in a vacuum. They create a culture that gradually begins to accept violence and intolerance. Mein Kampf is all words, and yet it wasn’t really all that harmless. Empty vessels such as yourself keep alive the kind of idiocy that recycler stands by being unable distinguish between an honest opinion and blatant bigotry.

    P.S. I think it’s interesting that you can never escape the cowards who present this prejudice to you on the internet and would NEVER repeat it to your face.

  15. Excuse me…unable TO distinguish. 😉

  16. This series is weak on every level, in my humble opinion.

  17. I agree with alec. Frankly, I’m surprised at how little criticism these simplistic and reductionist images have stirred up. Jermaine’s explanations/backstories are a little embarrassing, IMHO.

  18. I strongly disagree with Alec and omw (if they arent the same person, ‘IMHO’). I do think the images are reductionist and thats why they work. The topics addressed are complex in theory but boil down to basic issues and simple answers that no one likes to hear. I’m not surprised at the positive response to these images. They aren’t giving explanations. They are posing more questions. I thought the backstory the artist gave to those My Brother Is A Hero posters was on point. IMHO. 😉

  19. Archer, my grammar will fuck you in your ass. how bout that?

    As I said in another post in another section in the blog, EVERYONE needs to stop being such a pansy about things being said about this group and that group. Who the hell cares? Grow a sack and deal with it.

    And further more, Mein Kampf didnt kill people, Hitler did. It was the blind sheep that followed in his footsteps, and I dont think recycler is on any kind of podium speaking to the masses about anything. So as far as your argument, I dont think it applies to this situation.

  20. P.S.

    I would say it to your face.

  21. Brian, take it down a notch.

  22. Oh yea, you should take your own words of advice on grammar.

  23. sigh.

  24. If you think Bush deserves a size 10 on his dial, check out http://www.sockandawe.com

  25. unfortunately Jermaine Rogers is taking the biggest loss because of these comments

  26. wow. the issues addressed here really boil down to simple answers? wtf, mazzy? please, feel free to step in and quell some of these long-running feuds with your simple answers. also, i misspoke before about agreeing with the dude who found these weak on every level. i actually think the craftsmanship and drawing talent to be very strong, as jermaine’s work most always is. but, that flipping backstory about the forest and evil strangers from the west read like a clumsy, overly-earnest young person’s creative writing homework.

  27. omw, I find the juxtaposition of a simplisitic, childrens story and these violent, real world issues refreshing. I think the innocent, naivete in the story is on purpose. Also, the fact that the artist never references the real-world events by name. Not even once. We are all inferring what he really means and making comparisons between his story and the real world. To this point, he has never used the words Palestine, Israel, US, etc. Yet, everyone is talking and arguing about whether he did it clumsily or greatly. In this aspect, that is what art should do.

  28. First of all, I want to apologize to archer, and the administrator for being so blatantly vulgar. I just get a bit carried away when someone says that I sound ignorant because of the way I type.

    Maybe Im not as eloquent as most people here, but I do have my views and I generally agree with people who tell it how they see it. (recycler).

    But if archer cant take someones opinion for what it is, simply an opinion then, IMHO, I think that he is the one who sounds ignorant.

  29. I will also take the chance to apologize (to Brian and everyone else) because I did what I always hate that people do, which is take the comments away from the poster…I don’t agree with what’s been said, but the point is, Rogers is putting out another powerful print, the reason I looked at the comments in the first place.

  30. apologies all around. BTW, it is a great and powerful poster.

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