“Choegal” Wooden Figure by David Choe (Release and Signing Info)

It’s finally here!  Upper Playground and Ningyoushi have come together to produce David Choe’s “Choegal” figure.  It’s a 5.5″ wooden mechanical doll, each with 3 different facial expressions (you just turn the knob on top of the head to change).  The piece is limited to 1000 and retails for $45.  You can grab one at Ningyoushi.com right now, or wait till they are disbursed to your favorite toy store (they are on their way, trust me).  Additionally, Giant Robot will be holding a signing at GR2 in LA on December 23rd from 6pm-8pm.  You can get your Choegal signed, plus the cover of Giant Robot that Choe recently illustrated.  GR2 is located at 2062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles.  For more info, visit GR2.net.

Info courtesy of Toycyte.com.

9 Responses to ““Choegal” Wooden Figure by David Choe (Release and Signing Info)”

  1. I do believe that they are not painted by Choe.

  2. wow really complex paint job on these.

  3. im not usually into these type of things, but i would love to get ahold of one of these

  4. i’d let two of the three faces get down on my choe

  5. on here:


    its says its 8″ tall, does anyone know which is which.

  6. I can tell you for sure in a few days.

  7. Actually, by tomorrow.

  8. This thing is just plain bonkers…amazing!

  9. Got mine today….and it’s instantly one of my favorite. It’s really amazing the hand work that went into this thing.

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