New Jermaine Rogers Art Print: “Epiphany” (Onsale Info)

Here comes Jermaine Rogers with more controversial imagery, this time taking on the 9/11 attacks.  The print works as sort of a visual word puzzle, see if you can figure it out.  Here is what Jermaine had to say about the image:

‘There is a quote from Robert Linder that I’ve always felt was very noteworthy.  “Authority has every reason to fear the skeptic, for authority can rarely survive in the face of doubt.” Very noteworthy.’

“Epiphany” is a 16″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of only 50.  These will drop Friday, December 19th between 11am-3pm Mountain Time.  Visit

17 Responses to “New Jermaine Rogers Art Print: “Epiphany” (Onsale Info)”

  1. 9/11 was an inside job committed for profit. Surprise.

  2. Damn, I guess Jermaine really wants to speak his mind this month! Keep em coming!

  3. subtle.

  4. ugh……really? whatevs

  5. If you actually believe that 9/11 was an inside job, well… I don’t know what to say. This may be a good start!

  6. my first thought was the biblical Book of Job.
    Is it really as obvious as “9/11 inside job”?

  7. OMG- an inside job done by a rabbit

  8. so rabbits did it?

  9. The rabbit didn’t do it. He just figured it out.

  10. rabbits are actually evil. trust me.

  11. In his other works, I believe the rabbit has been the American occupiers.

    So, this is his way of saying that it was an inside job by Americans over money. If find it ludicrous and shameful. But I also appreciate the controversial nature and his effort to speak his mind. This piece, if liked or not, serves as one of the truest forms of art.

  12. I love Jermaine and his work, but if the comments about this representing 9/11 as an inside job are true, then I can’t go along with him on this. That is absolutely ridiculous to believe this. There is no way that something like that could be kept a secret. Common sense and logic need to prevail.

  13. Holy Shit – The Rabbit did do it – why didn’t I see that before….

    There some at the zoo in the petting enclosure, I am off down there later to investigate and speak to them, one of the bastards must know something and might squeal.

  14. There are tons and tons of things kept secret from us by our government and yet there’s no way that there are things about 9/11 that we dont know? Genius.

    Give me some more inside info on Iran-Contra, Jonestown, and a few other government funded projects that the government has obviously told you about. While you’re at it let me know where those WMD’s are in Iraq, I’m sure they had to find some since you were told they were there. They wouldnt lie.


  15. didnt anyone realize that rabbits are really just furry to cover up all the C-4 thats crammed into them? Thats what they used to bring the towers down. they smeared C-4 bunny gots on all the columns and blew the building when the planes hit. the planes were a distraction for the well-timed heist of all the bunnies from the bronx zoo that same day.

  16. Mike you hate our country or our government or both?

  17. I love this print. I didn’t at first blush, but it grew to be desirable, to me, because of the three possible readings: (1) 9/11 as an inside job as has been discussed; whether or not you find it plausible, our govt has been involved in enough conspiracies (WMDs, Tuskegee, Cocaine) to make it a useful critique; (2) Job, the biblical reference and attendant consequences of that I won’t bore you with; and (3) Job[lessness] related to the way in which 9/11 was used to justify an array of govt initiatives that did not benefit, and in fact, harmed the masses. #3 is my favorite.

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