Burlesque Design X David Choe’s “Exodus From the Land of Play” Art Print (Onsale Info)

Wow, Burlesque Design and David Choe have just pushed the boundaries of what is possible with screenprinting.  It looks like they perfectly nailed the reproduction of the painting, this thing should be insane in person.  “Exodus From the Land of Play” is a 33″ x 30″ eighteen color screenprint.  Each print has been painted and drawn on by Choe himself, making them all completely unique.  It has an edition of 76 and will be $909.  I have posted a bunch of photos and a video below, but you can see the full process at Flickr.  The print will drop Thursday, December 18th at 2pm CST.  Visit BurlesqueDesign.com.

Click on any of these beautiful pictures for a much larger view:

17 Responses to “Burlesque Design X David Choe’s “Exodus From the Land of Play” Art Print (Onsale Info)”

  1. Is he using his paint stirring stick to paint with?
    i guess when you command that much for a print you can do what you damn want. Well done Choe! You’ve come a long way from hustling up sketches to send to porn mags. 🙂

  2. About $600 more than I can stomach spending at this juncture in time, but a beautiful print non the less. Big ups to Ben of BoNA on another stellar print job! The man just keeps pushin the boundaries, bravo Sir!

  3. Love it. Can’t afford it. These will be onsale for quite some time i would imagine. choe’s a genius but his price points are a bit high for this fan base. Choe sells a bunch of stuff through Outeredge Studios and his stuff hasn’t sold out there. He’s got a sweet tryptich that sells for about a grand and its still for sale. anything is possible but i don’t see these selling out for some time.

  4. Love this print actually hope that I can get one if they make it… have to save a week or two … lol GONE

  5. You think these will sell out fast or due to the weak economy and the weight of holiday shopping they will go in a more timely fashion?

  6. I like some of Choe’s stuff, but this is way too busy.

  7. The triptych is actually sold out. Try buying it and you will see.

  8. $909?! Thank God I find this hideous.

  9. The Choegal was released today http://www.ningyoushi.com/Choegal_by_David_Choe_p/nyup016.htm

  10. wow! the choegals are selling out quickly. only 117 of 1000 left.
    not so sure about how well his work translates to 3d form though.

    The Burlesque prints are really special.
    I’ll buy anything those guys put out after receiving my Obama test prints from them. The quality those guys put in is well worth the extra hours at work.

  11. Those Choegals are not only gonna be there, they will be distributed to most toy stores, I know I have some on the way.

  12. WOW. $909 and I can’t even tell what the hell is supposed to be going on here. Maybe I should buy it and pretend I understand and enjoy it just because it cost so much.

  13. That’s just stupid, Buzz.

  14. this is impressive. I’ll bet it is off the chains in person.

    I feel like maybe he Courbet’s Funeral at Ornans for loose inspiration for this piece…

  15. I was thinking the Coronation of Napoleon.

  16. I figured this was a self-reflective piece about David and “growing up.”

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