Two New Obey Prints: Art Basel 2008 and Rose Girl (Onsale Info)

As if Obey releasing one new Shepard Fairey print isn’t exciting/crazy enough, imagine what it will be like when they release two new prints later today.  Both the “Art Basel 2008” screenprinted show poster and the “Rose Girl” art print will go up for sale today (Monday, December 15th) between 1pm-3pm PST.  Visit

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  1. Shepard puts out some good stuff, but the number of varients he is putting out is crazy………………

  2. Tiz good



  5. present them.

  6. I want to see if the admin will have the guts to keep my post up.

    WOW….Come on now..These prints blow and you guys know it. I mean Frank has already made his statements that he wants to save the world. Every print since say 2003 has been really lame. Even the Obama series really sucks a turd. How much more money does he need. I guess it is really gonna be a nice christmas in the Fariey household this year..

  7. I’ll let you sound like an idiot all day long if that’s what you want.

  8. K!

  9. the second one would be a great print if just left the girl out.

  10. and the flowers and the logo.

  11. Yeah these prints aren’t very impressive at all. The name will get you only so far and I’m sure they’ll sell out but in regards to the actual “art” and “creativity”, these prints aren’t very inspired or interesting at all.

  12. I have actually seen rose girl in person. It’s awesome. So fuck all of you haters.

  13. It is a miracle people…Wow admin did not delete me.

    I guess they are pulling back from Frank’s Sack. I remember back in the day if anybody would say anything bad about Obey or Frank the hammers would come down hard. I mean isn’t he trying to act like Bush and save the world? Ok he made his point he backed Obama, Wants to save Africa and now he is the spokes person for the Gay and Lesbian community. It is a known fact that political art loses its new car smell after awhile and really does not gain that much value. The Obama prints are gonna be worth around $20.00 this time next year.

    Thank You Admin for letting me speak my mind.

  14. Ted calm down no one used vulgar language with you

  15. Yeah Ted, calm down. We don’t need any violence around here. I thought Shepard was all about peace and he has all these violent people representing him..Geesh

  16. If you do not like the prints, don’t buy them. If you think they look bad, look away. Simple as that. To the people who appreciate his art, or simply want to flip his art, let them do their thing.

  17. 20 minutes after the hour and the site is still too busy to even get me to the poster page to buy and it’s getting MySQL errors now. This is crazy….

  18. “The Obama prints are gonna be worth around $20.00 this time next year.”

    You my friend, are a retard. The Obama graphic pretty much solidified Shepard’s place in the annals of art and graphic design history. Those posters will continue to rise in value for decades to come.

  19. Hello Roy,
    History will repeat itself. I remeber back in the day “Mr Spraycan” was the hottest item. People were paying say $1,500, $2,000, $3,000 because it was a antiwar message. Now I seen those for like $70.00 all the time. Not on Ebay or on Expressobeans but in stores or at comic cons. The Obama prints has so many bootlegs and ripoffs that even you probably don’t know the difference. I sold one on ebay for $700.00 that I bought on Hollywood and Highland and did not even forge Frank’s signature on it. It is the little rich folk who are buying these up thinking they are investing in something historic. The bubble has bursted already and the party is so gonna be over.

  20. Now how is that for irony buddy…ha ha ha

  21. Is anyone able to get on his site now.

  22. Looks like sale is cancelled

  23. wow, chuck . Did Fairey ruin your career or something? steal your girl? i’m missing something…

  24. Nope – site bust

  25. Chuck – So yr 2000

  26. oh wait! I know chuck! was he one of those guys that aims at your face in dodgeball? I HAAATE those guys too! I totally get even with them on the internet too– makes me feel like a big man.

  27. His website is aweful

  28. Still waiting… comon Shep… gotta shit, shower and shave and head off to slave

  29. Hey Colin,
    Just putting my two cents in. I mean everybody thinks he is like the best artis””””””I mean graphic designer in the world when there are so many more talented artists out there and they don’t get enough credit where credit is due. I mean look at guys like Mear One and Ron English. They do political art and they do it free hand not from photoshop with like twenty interns doing their work for them. I like Sheps old stuff but you have to admit his whole ” I am saving the planet one print at a time” is getting pretty damn old. I am not hurt, I am not an artist or graphic desinger and he does not have enough game to take anybody’s girl. I am just speaking my mind Colin. I will unload all my 200+ prints soon on ebay. I am gonna start to collect Ms Vans work. Now that is a true street artist.

  30. :sigh: I thought the last 2 prints had “new servers” in place where people could check out easily and the prints sold out in under 10 mins.

  31. yeah prints are up…u cant get on the site…doh…have fun everyone!

  32. Thats it! they sold out.. GREAT! now can get on with the rest of the moring

  33. Hey Chuck,

    I understand where you’re coming from, but your approach is poison. People can only handle so much 2cool4school before they tune you out however valid your points are.

    The part that you’re missing is that you’re making no attempt to understand what people may see in the art today that doesn’t mean anything to you. For instance: Me? I hate Nickleback, but i can appreciate that fratboys gotta listen to something. I don’t get on music forums/blogs essentially daring the mod to have enough guts to let me highminded piece– which is simply the opinion of a contrarian– or like Lisa Simpson, “Springfield’s answer to a question that no one asked.”

    I guess the part that i cannot get my head around is what could possibly bring you to pipe up on this blog where nobody made any claims to Fairey being the best of anything. You made an assertion and then proceeded to frame your rant with that assertion. Even down to calling him ‘Frank’ the whole thing smacks of jealousy or something even more childish.

    Now, understand that I’m not attacking you, I understand your point, but I do think your approach couldn’t be any worse. As they say, you catch more flies with honey and all that…

  34. Chuck D reminds me of Kevin Sutton. Poor grammar, ignorant rationale, flat out lies, all of the characteristics are there.

  35. Did anyone get one or is the site totally down?

  36. i got to paypal before it crapped out– no receipt, so i guess i didn’t get it.

  37. @roy

    ChuckD == Kevin Sutton

    Funny stuff. I wish I knew how to send him a bill of some sort for the few seconds of my time which he has wasted as I glanced at his oh-so-controversial posts.

  38. got mine pretty easy compared to other releases.


  40. Beefloaf, if you could turn off your caps lock key everyone would appreciate it =/

  41. wow… buying a fairey print is one of the most painful things in the world. and after all that.. I kills my purchase after I get through paypal… I feel used.. and a little ashamed. :-(

  42. Yes…Yes…Ohh….Yes give it to me baby…I love it rough

  43. this is winded but here it goes:
    I agree with everyone!!!!
    buying an obey print is everything from pain,joy,pain…on, and on…..I just got dumped after paypal on the rose girl…
    hate to say it I do agree with chuck to a certain extent.
    I do like some of the new stuff, love ALL the old stuff…but isn’t that usually how it is?—by the way did anyone go to the friedman show at subliminal this weekend?
    yo, chuck hook me up on some of those “old” prints!!!

  44. I love Shepard, but I hate the fact kids purchase everything he puts out and not just the stuff you (as an individual) like.

  45. chuck. your argument bores me to tears. it’s nothing we all haven’t heard a thousand times. you are not chuck d. he is an innovator. you are an imitator.

    shame i missed these prints. 2 in a day! keep em coming shep!

  46. I sort of agree with some points Chuck brings up but he could use some tact. Fairey hasn’t really changed his style in years but why mess with a good thing?

    I don’t really see a lot of innovation coming from Fairey, I know he has a style but it lacks evolution. I love his stuff but I am no longer wowed by it and after seeing his shirts for sale in a mall it kind of took the wind out of my sails. I can’t fault him for that, frankly I’m jealous. I wish I could achieve the same status but I’m not as talented.

    I appreciate that people like Fairey’s work but honestly they all look the same to me, not too much variation but when I see a Soto or a MacPhierson I am blown away. They each have a recognizable style but there is evolution in their work.

    I just hope Fairey doesn’t walk around signing things, calling it art and sell it for $2000

  47. rock on b’jae

  48. something tells me chuck d is the type of guy who talks because he likes to hear the sound of his own voice.

  49. Say that again Brian

  50. nah, I dont really like the way my voice sounds.

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