Daniel Danger’s Store Is Going Live Tonight

If you are after something new from Daniel Danger, you should probably pay attention to his store over the next hour or two.  He promises to FINALLY open it tonight at “prime-timeish EST”.  Keep your eyes on TinyMediaEmpire.com.

17 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s Store Is Going Live Tonight”

  1. finally some tasteful art (nothing against OMG, just don’t dig that obey)

  2. the store is live now

  3. Site is up!

  4. what did you get?

  5. a multitude of great art!

  6. word. got the westies joint and everything still exists, both are the sicknesses………..and both are pretty much multitudinous

  7. Holdin out for Horkey

  8. the horkeys will be up in my store later at a mystery time.

  9. some great stuff there.. very nice dd

  10. Picked up “Everything Still Exists”

  11. Hey DD, can’t get your store to load from where I am. Sent you an email.

  12. sounds mysterious

  13. dd do you know if there will be any Shepard Fairey prints in the store too?

  14. Hey dd, this may be a stupid question seeing as none of them say “s/n”, but are any of the pogues posters, well, signed/numbered? I was debating whether to go with the normal or black variant and wondered if maybe the variant was or anything.

  15. everything except the pink test prints are signed and numbered. sometimes i just forget to write that in the description.

  16. Awesome, thanks for the reply.

  17. I hope ‘september’ comes in a regular (limited) print edition. I missed out on the Artits Proofs. 🙁

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