“White Rabbit” Art Print by Angryblue

After selling out the first print in the Alice In Wonderland series with the quickness (like, one day), Angryblue has already offered up the second installment.  “White Rabbit” is a 14″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 75, and is $40.  Pick one up now at Angryblue.com.

4 Responses to ““White Rabbit” Art Print by Angryblue”

  1. this series is sick, great work Justin/Angryblue!

  2. Eventhough it wasn’t available yet (and neither was the White Rabbit print at the time) i really would’ve liked to have seen Alice, what will be the 3rd and last in the series, before commiting to buy the full series. that was really the reason I didn’t buy the first print or will buy this one. nice work though.

  3. Wow great!
    I started a wonderland series by myself but after
    I saw this and some of Francisco Linhart´s Carroll
    themes I stopped that project immediately…

  4. With seeing this one and the Hatter, i have no doubt that Alice will be equally as great….no problems for me buying these 2 without seeing #3, can’t wait till its done.

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