Gold “Koibito” Figure by Yoskay Yamamoto

If you weren’t at Yoskay Yamamoto’s Koibito release party the other night at Munky King, unfortunately you missed the smoke/clear version, but you can still get this amazing gold colorway.  It’s a stunning 7″ vinyl figure, limited to 500 pieces.  The price is  $80.  Visit

Munky King has also released pictures of the next version, which is coming soon.  I will keep you updated.

10 Responses to “Gold “Koibito” Figure by Yoskay Yamamoto”

  1. ooh the next version looks even better!

  2. it’s a boy wearing the carcass of a koi fish

  3. next version is kinda female. I like this a lot cause im a phish head :p but its too much for my pocket. If it was 40 id be down

  4. Thank you, yet again Mitch. I’ve been without home internet for the past couple days. It’s pretty irritating, to say the least. I signed-up to the MunkeyKing mailing list after seeing these, likely here, but I haven’t been able to check my email. I’m chillin at a buddy’s place, who has internet, and the first place I went was OMGPOSTERS. I really dig what little I’ve seen of Yamamoto’s work. I love the combination of traditional Japanese art, with the Koi, and his contemporary style, very cool. I don’t have the money, at all, but I couldn’t pass on this.

  5. Oh, and I never buy vinyl

  6. The Red Only actually looks like a realistic koifish. Less fantasy more realistic. I like the tan color on the body on that one.

    I went to the Opening and Yoskay was very nice with lots of raffles for originals/prints etc. A Solid Event one of the best in a minute. Munky King is really giving Kidrobot a run for their money on this one.

    I WONDER IF THEY ARE EVER GOING TO MAKE BLANK ONES/LARGE ALL WHITE “DO-IT-YOURSELF” VERSIONS Making the “KOIBITO” Munky King’s Main Toy???? , like Kidrobot’s Dunny. That would be fresh.

  7. I don’t know what kind of females you hang out with. My females don’t have penises.

  8. Na im not saying its female one but that its for a girl. i mean it has flowers on it and a penis…? I dunno what type of females you hang out with but most I know like penises

  9. Making the koibito as the main toy for MK is not fresh. Dunnys are dead, and the dunny and Yoskay’s koibito are 2 totally different things. Know the difference between a toy and a release by an artist.

  10. I had Koi for dinner and it made me shit all nasty like. Fuck koi fish.

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