New Art Prints by Jermaine Rogers (Onsale Info)

Jermaine is pushing the envelope with some of his heaviest images and subject matter yet, it will be interesting to see the response on these.  All of the info is listed below.  Everything goes on sale tomorrow (Friday, December 12th) at a random time between 11am and 3pm MST.  Visit

EDIT:  These are up now, go get em!

“My Brother Was A Hero”

20″ x 25″ Screenprint, Edition of 100.

About the imagery, Jermaine says:  ‘Well, first you have to understand that there are these raccoons…and they have a feud of sorts with these rabbits, which has become increasingly more hostile as it has dragged on. It goes back a long time: one would have to literally do ancient research to figure out just exactly where it started. But it’s primarily over a modest patch of woods that they both feel belongs to them. There have been various bunnies and ‘coons throughout the ages who’ve made quite the elegant argument for their respective sides. There is much debate over who was there first: no one really knows. The other animals of the surrounding fields…well, they just stay away. It’s a shame, really…because this patch of woods is so beautiful and old. Many believe that the first animals of the area came forth from THIS forest. But this forest has seen so much death and conflict. Some animals of the area feel that the very trees there survive on the spilled blood in the soil. In recent years, a stranger from the west began to wander the perimeter of the forest. Offering knowledge and food and skill, he became involved with the bunnies. The stranger taught them how to control themselves, how to organize and think. He taught them how to construct weapons for their crusade and supplied the raw materials for these. He began to accompany them in their swaggering excursions into the deep areas of the forest. He stood with them, quiet and glaring, as they hurled taunts and threats at the raccoons. Threats became virulent attacks, and the stranger occasionally participated in the carnage. Homes were taken, families split, raccoons slaughtered. Several raccoon elders felt it was best to meet with the bunnies in an attempt to stem the violence. Few of these meetings were actually convened, and though some of these held out slim hopes for a peaceful coexistence in the forest, radical elements on each side sabotaged any progress. And to this day, the battle for a small patch of woods rages on. Bunny and raccoon blood soaks the soil, while the reckless voices on each side urge on more and more conflict. Through all of this, the silent stranger has stood near to his bunny brethren, supplying them with what they need in their struggle for the wood. Unable to compete with the rabbit population in this aspect, the raccoons have increasingly participated in guerrilla warfare tactics to strike their blows. Animals of the surrounding fields keep a far distance, afraid to become drawn into the violence of random and ruthless attacks. Though several of the raccoon elders have begged the population for peace and calm and a return to the ‘honorable rules of war’, the radical adherents have embraced the ways of terror. And here is where our image comes into play. One incident among hundreds, when a desperate group of animals who’ve lost fathers and mothers and children and lovers feel very justified in making certain sacrifices to inflict the same damage on their enemy. This is how wild animals think.’

“My Brother Was A Hero Variant”

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 50.

About this print, Jermaine says: ‘It’s a variant in the truest sense, I think. In the aesthetic sense. It’s a variation on the idea and the imagery depicted in the regular ‘hero’ print. It’s not just a color change in ink or printing the same image on a different color stock…but a variant take on the actual content of the print. It feels a bit more substantial, I think. I’ll do this again.’

“Dero:  East”

20″ x 25″ Screenprint, Edition of 100:

13 Responses to “New Art Prints by Jermaine Rogers (Onsale Info)”

  1. These prints will rub many people the wrong way, but IMHO, an exquisite balance between art and social commentary.

  2. agreed. to put that kind of absolute weight into ‘drawings of cute animals’ in incredible. the impact didnt hit me until i realized he was playing the two prints against each other. then it was just “oooof”. love it.

  3. i’ve met jermaine at comic-con and he’s a fantastic person and artist. these are great and i really like the imagery and message.

  4. These two are a must for me given the context of the pieces. I just hope I can scrape enough $ together (and be around when they go up).

  5. I think its OK to substitute a cutesy for a martyr.

    He obviously feels the need to justify – I read the script yesterday and enjoyed it as he created a nice image.

    I am not sure if it will rub people up the wrong way – This is very reflective upon daily news in Iraq or say India at the moment, there is no direct link to any “particular struggle ” to be annoyed about.

  6. WOW.

    Of course there is a direct link to a particular struggle. I immediately thought of Israel and The Palestinians. (as far as the first print goes.) I personally thought he was going that route with the story.

    I really dont think it will rub anyone the wrong way in certain parts of the world, although im not too sure how far this blog reaches.

    Very strong and amazing prints though.

  7. I love these!

  8. Not getting political – But…..

    Iraqi’s Vs Sunni’s ?
    Sunni’s Vs Americans ?
    Pakistani Vs Taliban ?
    Taliban in Swat ?

  9. yea Moog sure. But for some reason the first thing that instantly came to mind while reading that, was the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

    Not sure why, but thats what popped into my head automatically. Especially the part with the “stranger” in it. It seems to me to be a blatant reference to the US aiding Israel. Money, weapons, training etc. But then again, thats my opinion.

  10. Israel and Palestine are being directly referenced in this art there really is no two ways about it, while the subject matter may share similarities with other conflicts the artists own words hint overwhelmingly that the main point of reference is the West Bank, ancient land disputes, as Brian points out a “stranger” One group fighting with advanced weaponry while the other fights with sticks and stones the list goes on….

  11. Yup, Thats what I thought. I did notice the West Bank reference but for some reason it didnt click.

  12. UP

  13. DOWN. and ps im super offended that these are sold out.

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