Jay Ryan’s Hum New Year’s Posters

Jay Ryan comes at the very end of the year with some of the very best concert posters of the year.  He has successfully nailed two prints for the GIANT Hum New Year’s reunion shows in Chicago.  These will be available at the show, then shortly thereafter through Jay.  What a great pair of posters, seriously.  Keep your eyes on TheBirdMachine.com.

I put this mockup together of the two posters joined.  Click the image for a larger view:

5 Responses to “Jay Ryan’s Hum New Year’s Posters”

  1. Are these 29 color screen prints?

  2. Wow, extremely cool! my fave of jay’s right now! they look more like 8 or 9 color (maybe screen is a better word than color). with the split fountain they would of been pulled sideways and most of the background color stripes are in the animals as well.

  3. Oooooh, I like I like! His best concert posters this year!

  4. Fantastically wow. I dig!

  5. very nice. wish i could have been there.

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