To Tide You Over…..

Just got an update that the Aaron Horkey letterpress news should be coming in the late afternoon.  Until then, here’s a preview of one of the images to tide you over.  Enjoy!

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  1. I can only hope these are affordable. I already know they’re gonna be sick. That is bad ass lookin.

  2. Nice!

  3. i guess it’s 12:30 PM for most of you right now, right? so, late afternoon is in 5 aproximately 5 hours, right?

  4. its 3.30 on the east coast (new york) and 2.30 horkey time (minnesota), so maybe sooner bro. this is sick! bring on more black and white linework!!!!!!

  5. Cool drawing, but isn’t this just an old image that was already used?

  6. Yes, most if not all of them will be line art versions of already existing images.

  7. he said in the interview they are all old line drawings. i can’t wait! all praises due.

  8. Its from a Fantômas poster and the hurricane relief poster.

  9. ::biting fingernails & collecting cans to trade for nickels::

  10. I have the Katrina version hanging here in my office. Excited to see what other images they’ll be printing.

  11. Ohhh boyoboyoboyoboyoboyoboy!

  12. word.

  13. I bet this has already been said but this will just be realesd on right?

  14. Yes.

  15. But not today, info will just be here today.

  16. thanks mitch

  17. I’m starting to wear out the F5 key on my laptop. LOL!

  18. omfg………this……speechless

  19. Should look real nice letterpress printed.

  20. ah ha, a clever ploy to jack up the page views into the stratosphere……………..

  21. well played mitch. i tip my hat at thee.

  22. I’m just as excited as you guys are. It’s just news, not like they will be for sale today. You don’t have to sit and F5 on the site.

  23. It’s pretty damn exciting that Aaron is launching this new site. I’m psyched about the print, but the real surprise is the new website. He now has another outlet for making his artwork available. This will provide him with even more freedom and perhaps an opportunity to produce more fine art prints.

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