The Aaron Horkey 5th Anniversary Retrospective Letterpress Print Series

Ok, so due to some last minute production snags, this isn’t the full info I expected, but it should whet your appetite until more details (ie images, sizes, etc) come along.  Stay tuned, you will want to hear about further info and surprises as they come down the pipe, trust me.  Perfection takes time.  Just keep in mind these are coming very soon (think days and weeks, not months).  Enjoy the info!

Direct from Dead Arts Publishing:

“Dead Arts Publishing is pleased to announce Aaron Horkey’s 5th Anniversary print retrospective series!

The collection will span his 5 year career in posters and includes 18 selected illustrations.  They will be presented as one color black and white letterpress prints in the same format as the original artwork.  Available both as individually framed prints and as 6 piece portfolio volumes, the offerings will be priced from the $100’s for individual pieces and from the $900’s for the 6 piece volumes.  Additionally, each 6 piece volume will include an exclusive bonus print offered solely therein, and will be newly crafted illustrations specifically for this series!

The prints will be available for all to purchase during an open sales period, after which the editions will be closed and limited to the orders received.  A real time count of the editions will be displayed prominently on the site to allow for fully informed purchasing.  We hope to be able to offer an ample amount of time to make these pieces available to everyone who would enjoy them.

There are several more very exciting surprises in store for this series, so please stay tuned to and for more exclusive details, images and hand-crafted goodness leading all the way up to the forthcoming release date! “

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  1. Hey bigandround,

    What exactly is it you think Aaron stands for? Aaron has painting commissions through the year that go up to $20,000. He also is continuing to pump out more and more commerical work for big clothing brands like addidas and billabong, yet he still takes the time to do album artwork for a small band like cougar den and threadbare, bands you have never heard of, which probably don’t pay shit. You can still go to a show and buy his band posters for $25. If you can’t make it to the show you can buy his posters for $50 from burlesque. Here you will have the opportunity to get a framed letterpress print for around $100 up. So tell me why he does all this when he has paying commericial gigs and people buying 10-20k paintings (paintings that he can later sell as a print) with more than a years wait?


  2. ^^^^^^ ….

  3. oh, they are framed huh? missed that.

  4. My guess is the limited edition portfolios are not going to be your run of the mill setup thrown into a cardboard sleeve, thus justifying the price.

  5. bigandround. – you are an ass.

  6. bigandround, you are totally wrong about Aaron. I have worked with him and had a show of his work at my gallery. All i can tell you is that he is a downright nice guy, and absolutely nothing like you claim him to be. How in the world can you make assumptions about a person like that without meeting him?

    Personally i am totally fucking excited about this release and will buy all three sets. Aaron has a very high standard that he holds people that print his stuff to, i am sure this sets will be amazing. Anyone that went to his show at my gallery will testify that the line art is mindblowing.

  7. word.

  8. is it just me or is he doing less and less with BoNA? It doesn’t seem very loyal “hey BoNA is like Voltron” like to me.

    I mean, sure he still knocks out the gig posters with BoNA, but it just seems that his higher end work is not being done with BoNA.

    Hey, um… what was the name of the special print with the special thing that aaron did for BoNA this year?

    I think a big part of Aaron’s success has to be attributed to BoNA. They printed and managed all of his early work, and it was through the BoNA website that I got to know his work. They brought his illustrations to life with incredible printing.

    Now Aaron is one of the top gig poster artists around, and it seems like the work he does with BoNA is basic, while the high end $1000 apiece stuff work goes through other galleries, etc.

    By doing high-end prints for other galleries, etc. BoNA looses in two ways:
    > they don’t make any money from this sale because they didn’t sell these prints.
    > sales of regular horkey posters will be in less demand in 2009.*

    * With the recession, people are already buying less posters. They are more picky about what they spend their money on. And if people are committing up to $2,700 for aaron horkey prints, people will be more picky about even buying MORE horkey prints.

    For the most part, most of the 16 prints will be recycled one-colour images, a ‘greatest hits’ if you will.

    To create a one color letterpress plate is easy and relatively cheap. Its definitely not hand-chiseled out of a thick sheet of copper by art gnomes. I would estimate (quite generously) that the cost of one of these 1 colour prints to be $30, which would include everything (paper, ink, time, employees, amortization of the building, long distance phone calls, burning dvds, etc.)

    To then turn around and be selling these for $150 – $200 EACH, is outrageous. Sure, its america, he’s an artist, blah blah blah, but this is one sale I will not take part in.

  9. You guys are seriously exhausting. If it’s too much for you, don’t buy it. Quit trying to tell artists what they can and can’t charge, you are being ridiculous.

  10. “Hey, um… what was the name of the special print with the special thing that aaron did for BoNA this year?”

    Hey, um that would be Whale Bone Grove (17 color screenprint) AND Detritus (which BoNA printed even if they didn’t sell).

  11. “hey um… WBG was meant for 2007” and the entire project almost got scrapped. It was only completed to try to bring value to the people who bought a $1000 sub.

    if they felt the subs had enough value to them, that project would be DOA. In fact, it was so late, that they sold it in 2008!

    and “oooh wow, a 3 color screen print horkey named detritus”.

    BoNA would have made but a pittance for screening those 3 colors.

  12. Quit posting dumb shit on my site and acting like you know what you are talking about. You know literally nothing about Aaron’s relationship with Burlesque, and everyone knows it.

  13. I don’t care what anyone says, its so exciting to be able to buy any of Aaron’s work!

  14. Wow, this section makes my eyes tired and my head hurt.

  15. oh come on admin… you know about all the drama

  16. Hey what happened to this?

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