The Small Stakes Holiday Promotion

The Small Stakes (aka Jason Munn), easily one of my favorite poster designers, is having a nice little holiday promotion.  For the month of December, if you purchase any two or more posters, you’ll receive a free poster of Jason’s choosing (no promo code necessary).  Since pretty much everything he makes is cool, this is a solid deal.  These are all signed/numbered screenprints that are great in person.  If you have a friend or family member that isn’t quite into posters yet, but you want to get them a gift, these are THE prints to start them on, their cleverly minimal style works with everyone.  Check everything out at

4 Responses to “The Small Stakes Holiday Promotion”

  1. He does understated, skilled work. I’m going to put in an order.

  2. my Magic Eye is broken

  3. excellent print

  4. I meant to say prints

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