Aaron Horkey Interview at The Citrus Report

Here’s your chance to learn more about everyone’s favorite rural midwestern pencil-wielding metalhead.  The Citrus Report, Upper Playground’s online art magazine, just featured a very interesting interview with Aaron Horkey.  You should read it, it is well worth your time.  They have also have interviews up with Tomer Hanuka, Mike Giant, and more, they are doing a great job.  Visit TheCitrusReport.com.

7 Responses to “Aaron Horkey Interview at The Citrus Report”

  1. thanks. cool interview! i wonder which album (i’m guessing it’s an album) that top pic will be for.

  2. I enjoyed that – thanks for the link

  3. Did I read that right? That Mr. Horkey plans on retiring in the next 2 years??? What a tragedy that would be.

  4. What is the name of the bottom full color art print? I’ve seen it before but I don’t know anything about it.

  5. it’s called Croatoan and it was a one off commissioned art piece I believe … if I read the interview correctly it will be available but I bet it will be expensive …

  6. Thanks for the information Rob. I’m crossing my fingers I will one day own a print of that. Amazing.

  7. Jason … if actually released in Giclee/Letterpress in 2009 , I’ll guess at a starting price of around $300-$500usd

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