New Dan McCarthy Art Print: “New Sweater”

A new month brings another great Dan McCarthy art print.  “New Sweater” is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint with a price of $40.  Dan also has some awesome t-shirts for sale, just in time for the holidays.  Visit

6 Responses to “New Dan McCarthy Art Print: “New Sweater””

  1. stunner of a print

  2. Great looking print with a nice little bit of humor thrown in….cant wait to see it!

  3. neat. haven’t bought a print from dan in about 6 months though. don’t think this will end the streak either.

  4. So, you saw Haunted Fish Tank and just let it go by?
    I find that hard to believe.

    I like this print, but I really love the background.
    The man and the sheep, not so much.
    I’ll happily put it on my wall anyway, maybe I’ll just pretend they aren’t there. Or, learn to like them.

  5. I’m sure this has been discussed many times here, but how do you propose one frame a 19×25 print…is it acceptable to trim borders to make it fit a standard frame (Without sacrificing too much value). I just hate the idea of custom framing, and hate the idea even more of prints not being displayed to enjoy.

    Great print by the way. I really like how Dan McCarthy’s work seems to match the month it was created for.

  6. @zma

    i sure did. i wasn’t that impressed. “glowy” prints have kind of lost their appeal to me.

    also, i’m going to sell my artist proof edition of “the day everything became nothing.” it’s oversized and out of like an edition of 40. email me if interested: sky.rkt[at]

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