Ten Questions With Sasha Barr

Hope everyone is recovering nicely from a fulfilling and exciting Thanksgiving weekend.  Now, it’s time to get back to posters!!  I invited my friend Sasha Barr to come by and answer the good ole’ Ten Questions.  It’s a great read, enjoy!

Age: 26 and 3/4 years.

Location: Seattle, WA, United States of Americah.

Years Doing Posters: 4.5 years solo, before that 2 years as part of Nocturnal Showprint.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Oh, hell. this is probably hard for everyone. If i had to pick an all time favorite poster I’d probably go with my Jeff Tweedy poster from 2006. Growing up around Nashville, the “Batman building” was and still is a huge focal point of the skyline. I was excited to have the opportunity to use it on a poster and turn it into a building-creature-thing by simply giving it an eyeball. I think people liked it, too, which is nice. I was able to do a similar thing with the Memphis pyramid for a SXSW showcase of Memphis bands which I’m also happy with (little known fact, that very poster was originally for a Jeff Tweedy show in Memphis, but the poster was cut out of the budget!).

My favorite art prints of mine is this tryptic of some Acetone transfer collage prints with the imagery from my 2005 Cat Power poster screen-printed across the 3 panels. i think i only made 2 or 3 sets of those prints.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: That’s tough. I don’t think i could really pick any one or even a handful of specific pieces. I’m into so many different printmakers, and i like all of them for their bodies of work. Consistency is important, I guess. I don’t think I get into just a single piece. Say if i saw this one rad print by artist Shred Savage, but everything else wasn’t nearly as impressive, my opinion of that first piece lessens. So lame, I know. But, to answer the question a little more appropriately…I’m way into my co-workers Jeff Kleinsmith and Dusty S. (from Heads of State), Tyler Stout, the whole Bird Machine posse, Evan Hecox, Daniel Danger, Chris Ware, Nate Powell, that Saul Bass guy, Raymond Biesinger, Travis Millard, Sieben, Tim Gough and Kris Chau, Meagan Claire Hall, Ghostshrimp, Erin Morrison, Geoff McFetridge, Jason Munn, Don and Ryan Clark, James Datz, Cricket Press……and so on. I like lots and lots of designers, without a doubt, but I’m typically drawn more to illustrators and the stuff that’s handmade. that’s enough for now.

Music Currently In Rotation: Here’s another mean list for you- Colour Revolt, The Helio Sequence, Isis, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Criminal Damage, Murder by Death, Fleet Foxes, Dr. Dog, Lucero, Minus the Bear, The Notwist, The Band, Pezz, Vetiver, Wolf Parade, Maserati, Dead Meadow, m83, Drive by Truckers, Ben Nichols, Foals, Andrew Bird, Quest for Fire, Midlake, Cotton Jones, Man Man, and and and and etc. Haven’t really been listening to much hip hop stuff lately.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: Johnny Crap’s “Have Pigeon Will Travel” letterpress print, and i just bought the book “Hey Fudge” from/ by Travis Millard.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: There’s quite a bit these days! Lots of art prints, only a couple posters…
let’s get concise!

Living Room:
-My tryptic art print i mentioned earlier
-Tyler Stout’s “Migration 2: The Spawning”
-Aesthetic Apparatus’ “Reconstruct #001, #002, and #003”
-Raymond Biesinger’s “Cause of Death Charles Adler Silkscreen Print”
-Some mini art prints of mine
-That Johnny Crap print mentioned earlier
-Ghostshrimp’s “Sometimes You Need Things That Aren’t Yours” letterpress prints
-No Regrets and No Remorse prints my girlfriend and I made
-One small painting by Erin Morrison
-Two small screenprints by Travis Millard
-And there’s a couple boxes of dead bugs Meagan collected. Does that count?

Kitchen/ Dining Room
-Two art prints I made some years ago of some antique Memphis signage
-Cricket Press’ “The Wild”
-Aesthetic Apparatus’ “Overcast”
-Portrait of some Memphis kids by Grant Ellis
-A photocopied picture of Charles Bukowski

-More of my little art prints and the Ghostshrimp prints
-Ray Fenwick’s “Life of Mystery”
-Some framed Geoff McFetridge wallpaper samples
-Aesthetic Apparatus and Tyler Stout’s “We are Scientists” posters
-This print by Jared Connor that depicts this crucified christlike figure. im not sure what it’s called, but it’s pretty funny.
-Diana Sudyka’s “Cypress” print

Studio/ Basement:
-Diana Sudyka’s “Prairie” print
-Aaron Horkey’s Decoder Ring print
-Evan Hecox’s “Dark Island” print
-Some skateboards I designed a few years ago
-Some skateboards Tim Gough did for Foundation
-An art print of Jeff Kleinsmith’s Queens of the Stone Age poster (it’s the poster image w/o the text)
-826 Valencia “Compensation for Missing Limbs” poster by Office
-A Jay Ryan test print
-And there’s some Heads of State posters in the screen-printing studio

There’s lots of other things in the house as well- finds from thrift stores, antique malls, and flea markets. There’s also a framed print of Daniel Danger’s that i haven’t found a spot for yet. Not to mention the hundreds of posters and prints I have in boxes.

Upcoming Stuff:
A big big local Seattle project I don’t want to jinx, some editorial illustrations, and I’m constantly working on new things for my other project I share with my girlfriend Meagan, Wonder Thunder. We make houseware stuff as well as shirts and prints. Check out our website.

Words of Wisdom: Don’t eat too many hot dogs.

See more of Sasha’s work at ThisIsTheNewYear.com.

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  1. always been a fan.

  2. Been liking his stuff ever since I saw his wheat pasting on the streets of Memphis and Nashville.
    Nokturnal was one of the first studios that I came across that really got me interested in show prints. The Don Caballero/Young Ave Deli poster is one of my favorites.

  3. nokturnal was the best

  4. Really nice dude. I have his “DRAW!” button on my backpack to remind me to do just that.

  5. Nice work. I need more of your posters to ogle. See ya tomorrow.

  6. I’d hang any Barr in my crib.

  7. i love sasha’s work! nice interview, such a creative couple he and meagan.

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