Limited Addiction Gallery Is Now David B. Smith Gallery

Limited Addiction Gallery, looking to spread their influence far and wide, have officially changed their name to David B. Smith Gallery.  They will continue to focus on their three represented artists:  Gregory Euclide, Jason Thielke, and Josh Keyes.  Here’s a brief statement:

“Limited Addiction Gallery’s director and owner, David Smith, announces the gallery’s new name – DAVID B. SMITH GALLERY. This change in name reinforces the direction and focus of the Gallery on achieving wide recognition for its represented artists, on building partnerships with its expanding circle of collectors, and on strengthening the position of the Gallery in the contemporary art world. Limited Addiction will remain as the publishing division of the Gallery, featuring limited edition prints and monographs.”

Their first exhibition under the new name will occur at AquaArt Miami next month.  Fore more info, check out their brand new website at

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