Pewter Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English

Hmm, can’t say I really think this one looks too great at all.  In any case, Barracuda in LA is currently taking preorders for the new Pewter colored Abraham Obama bust by Ron English.  These are about 16″ of rotocast vinyl, and the price is $200.  For contact info, visit

Travis Louie Interview and Show Preview

Arrested Motion has been on top of their game, most recently posting this awesome interview with Travis Louie.  They were also able to get ahold of the preview for a bunch of his new work that is being featured in two upcoming shows.  Check it out, it’s a cool read.  Visit

New Jacob Bannon Art Prints Are Up!

Jacob Bannon fans, today is your day.  The man himself has released six new art prints, all of which are sure to be gone very soon.  The first, “Seizures in Barren Praise”, available in four different versions (brown, blue, green, and silver), is a 15.5″ x 38.75″ screenprint.  They all have editions of 100, they […]

New Jen Corace Art Print and Book at Tiny Showcase

Tiny Showcase just released a new art print by Jen Corace, plus signed copies of “Hansel and Gretel”, a collaborative book with author Cynthia Rylant.  The book is an 11″ x 10″ hardcover, and you can get a signed copy for $16.50.  There will only be 250 signed books available.  The new print, “Snow Storm”, […]

Dalek’s “Winter 08” Art Print

The newest Dalek art print is pretty darn cool.  “Winter 08″ is an 18″ x 24” screenprint, has an edition of 200, and is $75.  The bright colors should look great on this one in person.  Visit

Mark Ryden’s “Silence” Art Print

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, aka MOCA, has just released a stunning new Mark Ryden art print.  “Silence” is a 22″ x 28″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is currently priced at $6,000 (though they may be out of them, they were down to their last 20 yesterday).  All proceeds […]

Phillies 2008 World Series Art Print by AJ Masthay (Onsale Info)

Hey Philadelphia Phillies fans, here’s the art print for you.  Moonset Gallery will exclusively release this new AJ Masthay print commemorating the Phillies’ 2008 World Series victory.  It’s a 12.25″ x 21″ linocut print, has an edition of 80, and will be $40.  These come out today (Tuesday, November 25) at 10am EST.  Visit

“Winter 2008” Art Print by Strawberryluna

Strawberryluna has just unveiled the first in her seasonal series of art prints for the year.  “Winter 2008″ is a 16″ x 22” screenprint, has an edition of 85, and is $25.  Visit Classifieds.

Art Prints at CIA Shop

The Central Illustration shop has a number of cool art prints for sale by over 50 artists.  They are all giclees sized at around 20″ x 28″, have editions of only 10, and are £120.  Some of these are definitely worth a look.  Check it out at

Dan Grzeca’s Mystery Tube Holiday Sale

Dan Grzeca is having another mystery tube sale, this one just in time for the holidays.  For only $30, you’ll get six prints, (a combination of old or new concert posters, art prints, test prints, etc).  He will definitely be throwing in some rare and out of print stuff.  Round up your $30 and head […]

Our Newest Sponsor: Niagara

Pretty cool to have legendary lowbrow artist Niagara on board as my newest sponsor.  After fronting the band Destroy All Monsters in the 70’s, she has gone on to enjoy a hugely successful art career.  She has numerous art prints for sale, check them out at Thanks to all of my sponsors, you guys […]

Ten Questions With Print Mafia

For today’s Ten Questions, I got some definite old-schoolers to come through and talk: Kentucky’s Print Mafia.  They’ve been making dirty rock and roll posters for almost ten years, rarely (if ever) utilizing a computer for design.  As they once said in another interview, “Our tools are Xacto knives, copy machines and our archive of […]

The Delicious Design League Mega-Mystery Test Print Sale

This is the best deal I’ve seen in the poster world in quite awhile.  Chicago’s wonderful Delicious Design League is having a “Mega-Mystery Test Print Sale”.  For a mere $30 shipped anywhere in the world, you get 4 one-of-a-kind test prints.  For $50, you can get 8!  These usually sell for $40-$100 each, so take […]

“It Was Worth It” Art Print by Aaron Powers

Aaron Powers, aka Cerca de la Tierra, just got his new art print up for sale.  I have been keeping in close contact with Aaron during the production of this print, and I’ve heard they look amazing in person.  “It Was Worth It” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, available in blue or pink colorways.  […]

Apocalypt-Ephunts Metal Figures by Amanda Visell (Onsale Info)

Thanks to Vinyl Pulse for the info.  Fully Visual is about to release a set of mini figures by Amanda Visell, available in a few different metal editions.  In every set, there are three different elephant pieces, each about 1.5″ x 2.5″, and three smaller ones.  Edition sizes and prices are as follows:  Silver (limited […]