Happy Thanksgiving From OMG Posters!!

We at OMG Posters sincerely wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Let’s all take one day to stop worrying about edition sizes, eBay flippers, prices, etc, and focus on what’s really important, friends and family.  Thanks to all of the readers, you’re the greatest.  We’ll be back strong on Friday morning.

15 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving From OMG Posters!!”

  1. Yeah Happy Thanksgiving too all!

  2. Is it the time of year again to celebrate the genocide of Native Americans? YEAH! Woohoo! U-S-A! U-S-A! Turkey time! Woohoo. We’re not morbidly obese enough so let’s select random day to gorge and to spit on the mass graves of millions of innocent Native Americans. *rolleyes*


  3. Thanks mitch, happy thanksgiving to you and yours

  4. Happy turkey day y’all! Best wishes to you and your fam

  5. Have a Good One, Let’s go LIONS! (just cause I hate the titans)

  6. Bad day to be a turkey

  7. $20 says deltasig eats alone in a KFC tonight.

    happy turkey and pie day everyone!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  9. Happy thanksgiving!!!

  10. Gobble Gobble

  11. Awwwww…..I don’t get a holiday, turkey n pie sounds good too (sniffle).

  12. You know you’re addicted when you check OMG right when you wake up . . . even on Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day ya’ll!

  13. i’m with delta.

    anyway, love the chris ware thanksgiving picture!

  14. SOLD OUT??? already?

    j/k… happy thanksgiving ladies and gents.

  15. I would like my 20$USD now, “dd”. I didn’t dine at KFC®; in fact, I didn’t dine anywhere. I fasted.


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