Pewter Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English

Hmm, can’t say I really think this one looks too great at all.  In any case, Barracuda in LA is currently taking preorders for the new Pewter colored Abraham Obama bust by Ron English.  These are about 16″ of rotocast vinyl, and the price is $200.  For contact info, visit

6 Responses to “Pewter Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English”

  1. Okay, seriously? ENOUGH ALREADY.

  2. Looks like they are SOLD OUT!

  3. You Can still get a GREEN one at . Only 3 left!

  4. What would give you the impression that it’s sold out? There was never a buy link, it’s just a blog, you have to call or go in.

    Bob, quit spamming for FreshManila, everyone already knows about that.

  5. Urrrggh! Enough Fresh Manilla already. jeez!
    There are still plenty of colors left in the world so we can expect this thing to stretch out for a while yet.
    Has the price gone down on these ones?
    I’m sure previous ones were a lot more

  6. He looks cross-eyed.

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