New Jacob Bannon Art Prints Are Up!

Jacob Bannon fans, today is your day.  The man himself has released six new art prints, all of which are sure to be gone very soon.  The first, “Seizures in Barren Praise”, available in four different versions (brown, blue, green, and silver), is a 15.5″ x 38.75″ screenprint.  They all have editions of 100, they cost $35 each.  The second print, “Jane, Coluseium, Integrity”, is available in two editions (gold or silver).  It’s a 24″ x 36″ glow in the dark screenprint, each has an edition of 200, and they cost $35.  Visit

16 Responses to “New Jacob Bannon Art Prints Are Up!”

  1. Great deal!

  2. man the deathwish site is down.

    i want the gold jane one!

  3. The jane prints are just ridiculous. I wanna see a real pic of the print, but it’s gonna be hard NOT to buy it.

  4. got the blue seizures and the gold jane doe mash-up. cant wait to get em!

  5. Picked up the Gold Janetegrity, and Hope Con, Shipwreck, and The Carrier shirts. I’m going to kick myself if it’s available for the black Friday sale.

  6. I think i got a gold Jane last night.. the site was up and down. i got charged 35 for the print but not for shipping. I’m gonna be peeved if i don’t get it.

  7. All sold out.

  8. Never mind…trickery. They just put more up.

  9. dang it! no more jane’s of course……………gah i miss every f-in deathwish release………..guess it’s ebay time

  10. I got a janetegretium print. should look good next to my jane doe print. didnt want the seizures print. I got waaaaay too much bannon stuff. I need to start broadening my horizons.

    speaking of which, would anyone be interested in trading some stuff? i got a bunch of things that i thought i would want, but not really feeling them as of late.

  11. Brian,

    Maybe-What are you looking to trade?

  12. hhhhmmmmm, well i have some bannon stuff i really dont need. i have both editions of the Pieces print. I want to keep one but willing to give the other up.

    I have the california tour print from bannon that i could live without.

    Also I have an Obey giant 3 part offset print. ya know the one thats 3 seperate prints with the giant face on each one…blah blah blah.

    And I have a Derek hess print that came with his book that i bought last summer. the book is signed by both him and the author. Id be willing to trade both of those for something.

    What do you got that you might want to trade?

  13. Hey Brian ..

    i would buy you california tour print …
    do you sell it

  14. id rather trade it for something. you got anything you want to get rid of? otherwise, how much you lookin to spend? i see one up on ebay for like 65 bucks i think.

  15. I,ll give you 50.00 $ for it ….if you are interested .

    sorry for late response !

  16. I have a blue ‘Siezures In Barren Praise’ print for sale in it’s original tube still in mint condition if anyone is interested.

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