Small “Vote” Obama Poster by Shepard Fairey Available Again

So, noone really knows what is going on with this poster at all.  First it was $20, then it sold out and went up to $45.  Plus, depending on who you talked to at the Obama office, it’s either an unlimited run, or was a numbered edition of 5000.  Either way, there are now more of these available at the new price of $45.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ offset, probably on thin paper.  Grab this and a few other new things in the poster section at

37 Responses to “Small “Vote” Obama Poster by Shepard Fairey Available Again”

  1. Are you sure these are even by Shepard Fairey? Doesn’t look like his work

  2. Moog…you are a classy guy. I know see that I was duped, but still dude how would like it if someone was bashing your stuff relentlessly?

    This is why the internet sucks. People think they can say anything behind a keyboard and “it’s just the internet!” Soooo lame.

  3. I’d likely be makin my own Obama prints and sellin em on the Bay, if I had the time or the means. Like it or not, seems like smart business to me. More power to ya man.

  4. “If you don’t like Obama (but who doesn’t!) I have kitty cats and fifi dogs and Kenny Chesney prints that may tickle your fancy!”

    thanks jacob, i was crying laughing…seriously needed that.

  5. BB2208,

    if you don’t think this looks like Shepard’s work then you aren’t really familiar with his work… it’s the exact same image that Shepard used in his change print sold on Obama’s site last march (scroll to the bottom):

  6. a message for fee:

    I think your tone puts you at around 14 years old.
    I have been a supporter of Shepard Fairey for many years and BB2208 raises a good question.
    Recently Shep has used other artists to produce on his behalf. While this can work to his advantage, this time it falls a little flat. The vectors seem as though done by Illustrator, as opposed to done with Illustrator. Look at his nostril! That is a little too messy for Shep. I wont point out all the obvious flaws. Entertain yourself. You never know… you may just learn something.

  7. Huh ?
    All seriousness here dude – When something looks like a duck and goes quack, well its a duck.

    If something looks cheesy and naff its naff.

    Now, I might be wrong and he’s Van Gough in disguise (I pick him for his obvious selling history) but I am pretty sure he ain’t.

    I hear what your saying – Its easy to knock someone down on the internet and he is trying at least – But the end result not only floats but eats stale bread and goes quack quack.

    Now if you made them – then cool, well done – I always have been opinionated
    But of you didn’t make them – B’Jesus thats naff.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Ohhhh Jacob – Just read, they are yours.

    Backtrack and bow. As said above I am very opinionated.

    One mans Duck is another mans Golden Egg laying Goose.
    I hope you have a Goose.

  9. I doubt the makers of those browses the OMG blog on a regular basis hehe..

  10. Whoops 😉

  11. They stopped selling these now. They are limited edition. I guess Obama read this site and decided to keep them limited. The power of OMG POSTERS!

  12. anyone know whats going on with the new Love Unites poster sold out in minutes. Did they upgrade the servers?? Im totally confused.

  13. It was amazing – I managed to snag one – Up, smooth, no que, in and out

    I think maybe its the random drop and maybe subject matter but it sold in 7 minutes – Pretty darn cool for once and I never thought I would write that about Obeys servers

  14. When there is less demand for a Shepard Fairey print, it will still be sold out in minutes but the server won’t take as big of a hit. So, the entire experience is more pleasant.
    Just to answer Daddy Welfare’s question.
    Next big print release will be back to the same old shit.

  15. Taso – You sure – 100% sure
    Demand for that is pretty hot, its a Fairey and an iconic one.
    did you snag one as the system was not just smooth but so quick considering it was selling at 1 print every 2-3 seconds.

  16. Moog – That, or because the drop time was earlier than normal. Basically, I’m saying don’t get your hopes up on the servers being upgraded.

  17. Taso – Can’t we just dream a little? Can’t we pretend that Shepard enlisted NASA to beef up his server?

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