Banksy’s New Art Print: “Nola”

Though I missed this one entirely and it’s already sold out, I thought I’d see what you thought of Banksy’s new art print, “Nola”.  It’s a 22″ x 29″ screenprint, has an edition of around 300, and was £450.  The image is based on a street piece he recently put up on a trip to New Orleans.  Pretty rad stuff.  If you’re interested in future Banksy pieces, make sure you’re on the mailing list at

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  1. Yea, this is noyce

  2. Im on FIRE! I managed to grab one of these purely by fluke! As an ex-resident of Bristol I can’t help but like his stuff, he’s always regarded warmly there. Bristol’s own. The teddy-bear throwing the molotov coctail was a few steps from where I lived. I can remember when his prints were on sale in a little shop down the road and I always thought that it was crazy money for a ‘street’ print. One of my friends bought the His Masters Voice print for a couple of hundred and I thought he was stupid. Ha, the irony.

  3. What time does POW release there prints? They are always sold out by the time I wake up 🙁

  4. This one went up about 11am EST, but the email came in at about 7:30am EST and went in my spam folder. Bummer.

  5. Kangorillapig – Good catch !!!!

    I live in the States now but came from the UK – When I lived in London (West London, Ladbroke Grove) he had some Rats on a bridge and also some larger stuff on the bridges – All the sudden he became like uber famous and quiet right so.
    I have a Tesco Value Soup Can on my wall and love it, the irony…. next to my Shep Fairey Soup can – I am staring to look like a Soup shop.

    I would love more, not only as an investment, but as he is still the leading light – No one puts more humor in than Banksy.

    There is a view that no one should own a Banksy as its not meant to be owned – Thats the whole deal about street art.
    You try getting mine off my death grip !!!

    Pissed I missed this – Well done.

  6. I just checked my e-mails, checked POW and it was up! No sitting around refreshing or anything! If I wasn’t me, I’d hate me!

    Yeah, I always found buying prints of street art a bit of a dichotomy. But I’m super chuffed. I doubt he could afford to go out to the Gaza Strip or to New Orleans as often just on book sales. I’d like to think I helped buy a plane ticket.

    Moog – The soup can is one of my favourites, I HATE Tescos! I heard they’re trying to open stores in the states, anyone seen one? I know they have their filthy claws into Europe.

  7. Gotta love Banksy . . . this piece was so awesome on the street!

  8. Cheers kangorillapig!

    That makes two. Mine was a lot less fluke and more refresh though. Well worth it… = )

  9. Meh.

    Write a scraper for the site in Python and have it send you an email to your PDA or whatever. Cake. I’m not the first to have thought of this, I’m sure.

  10. @ kangorillapig
    Tesco’s are running a few pilot shops under a different name here – Now if it sold Monster Munch pickle crisps, Jaffa Cakes, Branston Pickle, ambrosia Rice pudding – Then I am all for it.

    They will have a hard time here – Trader Joes and Wholefoods will shit on them from a great height – Its a higher quality over here the Brits are not use to.

    Well done you two for getting ya print – Now……. How much can I offer you for it ?

  11. i got one too!! 4 hours of constant refreshing on POW! well worth it! MAZING! Cant wait to get it home 😀

  12. ZOMG a Stencil!!! Everybody shell out thousands of dollars LOL!

  13. Its not about the stencil
    Its about his previous work, what he has done and who he has influenced – People such as Shepard etc.

    You know that anyway otherwise you wouldn’t be on site site and your more intelligent than that otherwise you would not educate yourself in the ways of flipping.

  14. u know those random thoughts that come to you every now and then. last nite, the one i went to bed with was that a new banksy was coming out today. dont know where it came from. dismissed it as a silly thought. i couldnt believe it when i awoke and had an email from POW. i just got into Banksy a couple months ago and today I can say I own my 1st Banksy. ain’t life funny?

  15. Son of a bitch. How come nothing works as a fluke for me? I always wanted a Banksy. His last show in NY was awesome but the prices there were INSANE! Anyone want to do some trading?

  16. The universe works in beautiful ways bigandround! Congrats, welcome to the club!

  17. I just got the email from POW a few hours ago…good thing I already scored one.

  18. Brian, he’s only had one show in NY and it was the pet shop grill and nothing was for sale. the reason why the prices were insane at the show you went to was because that wasn’t an official show by banksy, it was a show of banksy works by a bunch of galleries….

  19. He put up a bunch of different pieces all over town and this is the only one that’s left because THANKFULLY someone had the foresight to put plexi over it. We’ve got a local asshole who paints over “graffiti” with grey paint and he destroyed a few of them. I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face so badly.

  20. ah ha! i didnt not know that wasnt an actual bansky show put together by him, fee. but i did know he only had the one show in NY. just came out weird the way i typed it. either way the prices were insane though. guess ill have to wait til the next print comes out. hopefully i wont be at work in the morning when it does.

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