Greg “Craola” Simkins Mini Art Print Set Coming Soon

Big thanks to Arrested Motion for the info on this one.  Gallery 1988 will release a new mini art print set by Greg “Craola” Simkins in December.  The set will include 4″ x 5″ giclee versions of “Winter’s Knight”, “Night Knight”, and “White Knight”.  It will be limited to 300 pieces and cost $80.  Additionally, a bonus “chase” art print will be included in 50 of the sets, and an original drawing will be included with 30.  A 10% chance of scoring a Craola original for $80?  Yeah, a great deal indeed.  More info to come, or keep an eye on

10 Responses to “Greg “Craola” Simkins Mini Art Print Set Coming Soon”

  1. awesome !

  2. awesome! Finally his work at an affordable price. Sadly I’m way over budget as always. Good thing I don’t budget, I guess.

  3. I don’t like the concept of blind boxed prints. Seems like a scam.

  4. did you read the description huh??

    If so maybe you looked it over, to recap, it states you will receive three 4×5’s and a possibility at receiving an extra… sounds like I know how many and of which I’ll be getting. Nothing blind about it.

  5. i wish these things were signed. they never are… the luke chueh set was not signed or numbered.

  6. The Stella Im Hultberg were all signed. I received one of the special packs then . . . I’m more than happy to roll the dice again!

  7. oy yeah, and g88sf blog states sale date of dec 5th

  8. […] the info is in the previous post, but the release date is December […]

  9. They’re all signed. I spoke to Greg himself about it. No foolin’!

  10. I was just wondering when Greg Simkins art work would be for sell. Has it been up on the website yet? Thank you.

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