More New Masayoshi Hanawa Originals

Tokyocube just keeps bringing the pain with new original canvas paintings by Japan psychedelic phenomenon Masayoshi Hanawa.  New pieces include #.02-.03, #1.12-1.15, and #3.19-#3.32.  The prices range from about $30-$175, very reasonable for paintings of this caliber.  Check them all out at

Also, Tokyocube just officially launched their art section, and they have work by some other great Japanese artists.  Check it out at

8 Responses to “More New Masayoshi Hanawa Originals”

  1. I got #1.09 last time and I love it.

  2. I have 1.04, completely kills in person.

  3. Creepy stuff IMHO.

  4. Look like it was just us lot that bought as I got 1.01 last time,
    amazing – strange technique, it looks like its it’s printed on soft material and hand colored.

    I got some of the smaller framed ones, those are very throwaway and the frames are cheap – Its case where larger the better.

  5. Yeah – the frames were way too cheap – I bought one as a gift and I’m a little embarrassed of the frame, but I’m still going to gift it. I piece of the plastic frame chipped off in the back – like snapped off outta nowhere. 🙁 The art itself is awesome – you could smell the ink when you opened it!

  6. Jen – Take the art out of the frame and wrap in tissue paper and gift the frame really takes away from the whole gift thing.

  7. Yeah Moog – I was thinking of taking it to my framer for a once over. Do you know if anything in there was even acid free or uv protecting? I think not.

  8. No way – That was as cheap as they come.
    I have it at work in the bog – so its OK, not in a place where people want to spend to long checking a frame out 🙂

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