Aaron Horkey Adidas Shoes Now Available

After waiting for what seems like forever, US customers are finally able to purchase Aaron Horkey’s two Adidas shoe models.  The black Superstars are $70, while the white Superskate slip-ons are $65.  Also, I was able to use the promo code “ADISHIP” for free shipping.  Visit ShopAdidas.com.

21 Responses to “Aaron Horkey Adidas Shoes Now Available”

  1. In this economy?


  2. Nice! Now I hope they get released in Europe as well.

  3. Each to their own.

  4. The white ones are sick. Not feeling the black too much

  5. I like the design on the white. I can’t tell why the black are an Aaron Horkey shoe. Would have been nice to see some sort of sketch on them or something

  6. White ones will be a sweet gift for the bf.

  7. the black have the osprey on the side…its visible in the pic

  8. Is the second pair slip ons? If there laces that design is pointless as the laces will cover most of it up.

  9. Do these look a lot different than the proto that was shown months back? I remember liking the protos, but these, even though they’re sweet, not as cool as I remember them.

  10. The black ones are not cool at all. They look like a hospital club foot shoe.

    The white ones are okish – If it didn’t have the artist name linked I would move pass them.

    Each to their own eh

  11. To each their own

  12. To each their own. Fairly Squarely.

  13. I own the black ones and they are sick.

  14. Who the hell wears slip-ons besides hipsters?

  15. people who hate shoelaces.

  16. Or people with short arms and no fingers !

  17. or people who live in Santa Cruz, 831 represent!

  18. naw im pretty sure the black ones are pimp. yall are busters!

  19. Got both pairs in today! They are real nice, the white ones are laser etched too.

  20. Got the white ones today, they are amazing, great detail and work.

  21. or 831.. as in windom minnesota. as in the town he grew up in. where i’m from.

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