New Small Barack Obama Posters by Shepard Fairey and Scott Hansen

The official Barack Obama store has just released a smaller version of Scott Hansen’s progress image, plus a small new “Vote” poster by Shepard Fairey.  The Hansen is 14″ x 24″ and costs $70.  The Shepard Fairey piece dos not have a size listed, but only costs $20.  No edition is listed for either, so I suspect an open edition, they definitely don’t appear to be numbered.  Either way, visit

23 Responses to “New Small Barack Obama Posters by Shepard Fairey and Scott Hansen”

  1. Both are runs of 5000. Add 5000 to cart to see how many are left.

  2. ahhhhhhhh………no more……………im getting baracknophobia…….shep will make a million off this before he even takes office. geez. lets go back to skulls and monsters and blood and guts…..

  3. No more. Not after what pulled with their unlimited release two days after their “limited” release.

  4. i agree with above comments -stop posting these propaganda Shepard Fairey posters. by this time people are sick of them already.

  5. Sense of entitlement is running high around here I see…..I try to provide fairly comprehensive coverage of what is happening in the affordable poster/print community, Obama prints just happen to be a big part of what is going on right now.

  6. One thing I can’t stand is not having my needs attended to at absolutely no cost to myself. I demand that you stop posting any and all Obama related materials, as it is becoming too much for me to handle. Let’s face it, I only have so many left-clicks in my right index finger. And at this rate, I’ll be wasting at least two of them on this site per week. At this point it’s noticeably shaving years off my life. If you do not comply I will be forced to continue complaining until all of my dreams come true.

  7. the more obama the merrier i say.
    spending money is good for the economy.

  8. admin brings the pwnage.

  9. As the goal of these prints is obviously to make money for the obama campaigns (past and future) and other democratic causes (the DNC,, why not keep releasing prints until nobody wants to buy any more? This keeps the money in the primary market (with the causes) and, as an added bonus, gets the prints in the hands of people not willing to pay a premium on eBay or camp out on the Obey website. A limited run (well below demand level) pleases only flippers and hard-core collectors.

  10. obama’s site was updated and the shepard fairey print is 18″x24″

  11. They adjusted the price of the hansen to $20 each and listed the size of the Vote at 18X24

  12. sold out

  13. Whats Up with the change in price on the Hansen poster. It went from $70 to $20. Big difference, better be refunding those who paid $70.
    In a way a bit shady if wasnt a mistake.

  14. VOTE is currently “out of stock”…wonder if they are going to print more (since this wasn’t marked as a limited edition)?


  16. ^ I wonder who this beefloaf idiot is, keeps posting on the comments in all caps and demanding information early… anyway to banhammer him…

  17. ^ I think he’s just being facetious.

  18. They are actually $45 each

  19. they are sold out but the price went up? You an still buy a cool green obama bust by ron english at

  20. Now both set at $45 and Vote still sold out. They keep effin with the prices like crazy. Making things harder for themselves with all the email and calls they will have to field as a result. Just check your CC statements to be sure folks.

  21. The Hasen print was $70… then $20… now $45? What going on?

    And the Vote print…. which is apparently sold out is up from $20 to $45? Huh? How can you up the price of a print that is no longer available? Are they re-releasing another edition?

    I don’t get it… is this on purpose or did some one hack into the Obama Store????

  22. I don’t think Barack would approve of these shenanigans

  23. Odd about the price changes. I bought both the Hansen for $70 and the Fairey for $20 when they first popped up because I regularly cruise the Obama store. My first thought was, “What’s this?” My second thought was “Buy now. Ask questions later.” I didn’t know if they were new editions or newly found old stock rally posters. Once I saw today that the Hansen print had dropped to $45, I was peeved at first, but for me it comes to the same $90 for the pair, so I let it be. I didn’t know the Fairey print was sold out. If anyone wants to pay me a ridiculous amount of money for mine, knock yourself out.

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