Audrey Kawasaki Art Print Poll

Audrey Kawasaki is thinking of dropping another new art print with a “timed sale” release.  In other words, the print will be up for an hour, and the number of people that purchase it during that hour will determine the edition.  Much easier and more realistic than her usual limited editions.  If you’re a LiveJournal member, you can cast your vote for which image will be released, she has given six choices.  The candidates are below, to cast your vote, visit Audrey’s LiveJournal page.

“Silent Stories”

“My Dishonest Heart”

“As I Fall”

“Two Sisters”


“In The Forest Of Sleep”

10 Responses to “Audrey Kawasaki Art Print Poll”

  1. In the Forest or Two Sisters will win

  2. two sisters!

  3. 2 Sisters

    I love this idea

  4. I like my Dishonest Heart.

  5. I voted for ‘Silent Stories’. Beautiful image. It is so graceful and has wonderful flow. Although, I can see that there is great demand right now for her newer work, especially the images on black. In the Forest would have been my second choice. All of her work is very alluring. I feel seduced.

  6. My Dishonest Heart is my choice

  7. Forest is my favorite, but i didn’t vote.

  8. Definitely like “In The Forest Of Sleep”

    A bit disillusioned recently by Audrey’s prints. They’re impossible to get. I sat around her site for 10 minutes yesterday to have the print sell out by 6:01. There’s got to be a better way.

  9. 115 prints available and thousands of fans? Odds are heavily stacked against you.

    It’s unlikely you’re going to get one, not impossible.

    Her sale process is one of the better ones.

  10. 10 MINUTES of waiting is nothing. Go ask the Obey lurkers what they’ve been doing al day today…

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