Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English (Green Version Available Now)

FreshManila has just put up a preorder for the green version of Ron English’s Abraham Obama bust.  It stands 15″ tall, has an edition of 50, and is $200.  Visit FreshManila.com.

20 Responses to “Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English (Green Version Available Now)”

  1. Best colorway yet!

  2. i agree.

  3. Agreed…this one is TIGHT

  4. just got mine these should be gone by morning

  5. I do think this green edition will be pretty rad.

    Are these guys really shipping from the Philippines?

  6. $60 shipping? DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN!

  7. Still a few left! Hurry and getonet while you still can. After missing the black and and white one, I jumped on this right away. $60 from the Philippines isn’t too bad.

  8. Hate to be a drag, but imo these busts only look right in white. If I could get one in stone grey, I’d be movin on it without a second thought

  9. Is that Kermit The Frog green?

  10. love the green

  11. The idea is so cool but I don’t think my friends would be able to even tell it’s obama so i’m passing

  12. Ugly and overpriced. No thanks.

  13. theres not enough of the dead horse left to beat. jeez.

  14. does this look like an ad for rolling papers to anyone else?

  15. Ron English deserves my dollars as he is righteously talented. I’m just not too sure how much he’ll be getting considering the whopping $60 postage from The Philippines???

  16. Still 10 left 2 days later??

  17. Enough already.

  18. Thats tacky as hell and still for sale.
    You guys must have weird bookshelves to make that look halfway unpuke like.
    Each to their own eh.

  19. Is this sold out?

  20. WTF is going on with the freshmanila website?

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