Proposition 8 Protest Image by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey has donated this image to help fuel the protest against the passing of Proposition 8 in California.  There will be a large rally tomorrow in Los Angeles, and people have been encouraged to print the image and use it on signs and banners.  For more info, visit the Protest8LA Blog.

20 Responses to “Proposition 8 Protest Image by Shepard Fairey”

  1. I love Shep – Fricking great, I hate Prop 8, I hate the Mormons for being bigots and I love how Shep is always there at the right moment…………….

    Perfect !

  2. I saw a couple of these on TV already.

  3. That’s a great print.

  4. seriously, just take next year off.

  5. What a beefy fist. I do think its a tragedy that we even have to talk about these things. It seems so archaic.

    Yes, the members of the LDS and Catholic churches donated huge sums of money to an ad campaign for prop 8..each of them should feel shame and hopefully one day they may, but what’s worse is the people of California actually voted in favor of it.

    I have no doubt that this will be overturned once more, but in the meantime it is fantastic that Shepard is helping with the cause. I hope things don’t get violent.

  6. I like that Shep’s contributing, but that fist is hideous looking.

  7. When i saw Prop 8 on the ballot, I thought it was some kind of joke; it’s hard to believe in that kind of bigotry and idiocy still shows its ugly face. I’ve yet to hear a good argument for such a proposition that doesn’t involve backwards thinking.

  8. it would have been better if he used a limpy gay dudes fist.

  9. While it’s not much different from the one big union fist . . .
    It actually looks like he may have done this one all by himself.
    Big round of applause everyone.

    The ban is stupid. I live in Alaska, I’m not likely to see anything change up here for a long long time.

  10. I wonder where Shepard stole that image of the fist from?

  11. this should have never been on the ballot and i’m glad it’s going back to the courts

    shepard beefed up a previous pre-election graphic ( designed by Aaron Harvey:

  12. NA762, do you think it’s news to anyone that Shepard Fairey uses found imagery? It’s not, so lets talk about something else, thanks.

  13. i’d like to see this image as the next shepard fairey/sticker robot collaboration

  14. the fist image is from a print he did in 2000 called, wait for it… “fist”

    it’s one of my personal favorite shel prints

  15. and by shel I meant shel 🙂

  16. shep stupid iPhone correction

  17. Just to clarify, he didn’t steal the image, he asked permission to do his take on my design and I am mentioned in the press release.

    But it’s not like one person recently created the image and now suddenly everyone is ‘stealing it’. The fist imagery has been used throughout history to express unity and solidarity.

    Saying is stolen is like saying you can’t show someone smiling to express happiness because Harvey Ball did it in 1963.

  18. This is up and I just got one

  19. Sold out fast but got one. Yipee.

  20. Yeah, I was just about to post about them and POOF, gone. They went up while I was writing the lunar calendar post.

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