New Dave Kinsey Art Print: “Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru (Three Monkeys)”

What a stunning new art print by Dave Kinsey.  “Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru (Three Monkeys)” is an 18.5″ x 25″ screenprint with an edition of 120.  It will drop sometime today (Friday, November 14th) at

EDIT:  These are up now.  The price is $145.

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  1. Just as a heads up the 15th is a saturday..
    So based on that do you know if it will be released on the Friday or the 15th?


  2. Any word on price?

  3. Yah Moe buy this

  4. I love this x100

  5. This goes up today. Must be a typo on OMG.

  6. Yeah, I fixed it. Today.

  7. UP

  8. Got One!!

  9. ooooof on the price.

  10. agree 145!

  11. It’s a beautiful piece, but I can’t throw $145 out at the moment.

  12. Sold out. I waited to long b/c the price wasnt what i was expecting.. oh well

  13. what, did you think the price was gonna go down?

  14. $145 is a bargain for screen printed artwork of this caliber.

    Maybe not for flipping but to put on your wall this is a very reasonable price.

  15. There are better $145 bargains out there. Sorry Taso.

  16. Looks to like it’s still up for sale

  17. nobody complained when he sold Final Protest for $150 or Untitled Jesus for $140… Why is everyone complaining now and acting surprised by the price? If you like it then buy, if not then don’t. The price is what I expected, it’s on par for his other prints of this caliber and print quality from blk/mrkt is second to none.

  18. looks may be deceiving grasshopper, if you click the purchase icon you will be enlightened

  19. it’s not officially sold out until the purchase button is replaced with the words “sold out”…. there are a few sitting in people’s baskets which will eventually be released back into the wild, if you keep refreshing you may be able to snag one.

  20. I’m not complaining about the price. It’s a 5-color in a small edition, so it’s worth $145. I just don’t have the funds at the moment. I wish I did, but times are tough.

  21. I love the image but the shirt collar seems out of place to me…

  22. When times are tough, call on your lil’ friend CC. He always comes through and is guaranteed to brighten your day!

    That is, until you come down with buyers remorse.

  23. still available

  24. sold out 4 good

  25. I got one. Someone told me it was going to be $100. Thats all. I wasnt complaining. I dont flip and I dont have a lot of $$ to buy everything like the flippers. So to those with your bs comments. FUCK OFF! Its a very nice piece. Glad I got one.

  26. I have been dumping allot of my posters at the moment and as a dumper Kinsey is not a good buy – I have been burnt on all his pieces.

    As a keeper forever and if you like it that much, its great.

  27. Kinsey is a keeper!

  28. I think Kinsey is one of the most under-valued artists out there right now.

  29. Man, that is so cool. I’m bummed I missed out.

  30. Somebody want’s to buy Dave Kinsey IN HONOR or INHUMINATE?

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