New Art Print by Mark Brabant: “Indian Summer”

Mark Brabant (aka Hovering Object) just put a new art print up for sale.  “Indian Summer” is a huge 34″ x 14″ screenprint, has an edition of 175, and is $40.  You can grab one at

Click the image for a larger view:

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  1. drymount…drymount…drymount! Someone sneak into my house and block the OMG site from my PC! I’m going broke!

  2. This one is really cool, dare I say one of his best?

  3. I don’t know, it’s nice but I like a couple of his prior’s a tad bit more…

  4. LOVE IT!
    And sold to me.

  5. The Sickness! Just awesome work. Go Ohio!

  6. Amazing – So nice to see something open, relaxing and unbusy.

    This is a great print and I thank OMG for the heads up. Snagged it and happy

  7. Wow, really like this, I need to stop visiting this site it ends up costing me too much money!!!

  8. Totally agree with Moog!

  9. i like it but it’s too big. i don’t have a place for it in my place 🙁

  10. …like marks stuff….the only thing that keeps away from buying this….to me handdrwan art is more adorable than these computer generated poster art…but thats my opinion..if he would do more handdrawn stuff …i would buy it!!!!

  11. I bought two and I’m giving one to my mom for Christmas. I think it’s his best print to date.

  12. Didn’t know it was computer generated, should have figured, kind of a bummer I like stuff that is originates from hand drawing… still a very cool piece

  13. how is it comp generated though? These obviously aren’t clip art —does he create them from whole on the comp? Anyone know the process?

  14. Google image search, a photoshop filter, cut and paste in photoshop. Its really simple. Nothing is drawn or done by hand.

  15. Wow – Looking forward to your print then, apparently its really simple……….

    Tell us all here please WOW – Give us all a teaser about your new print and a really good laugh whilst we are at it.

  16. Moog, much like yourself, WOW is probably someone using a second or third username (stop doing this, please).

  17. OMG feed through Google reader is awesome. You can also set it up in MS Outlook and receive alerts for every new post. OMG is just plain fantastic.

  18. If I interpret this print correctly, the wind is blowing left to right. The tail of the kite – which should be flowing with the wind – is flowing into the wind.

    Also, geese fly in a very distinct and orderly pattern, not haphazard smattering as shown.

    Other than that I lke this print.

  19. Sky is a composite of 4 photos taken on the shore of Lake Erie to make the panorama. Geese are combination of many photos and drawings. Abandoned house from a photo taken near my home. Boy, dog (mine), trees, kite all drawn.

    A trusty Mac and it’s trusty software was used to put all the pieces/parts together and to create the art files from which the prints were beautifully printed by the fine folks at D&L Screenprinting.

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